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1950: A 'made man' on the rise and bringing in the dough, could life be better? The Family is impressed, and rumor has it Sonny has plans for you...

Frankie Malone - Tough, beautiful, and all yours

  • Respect: +17,500
  • Money: $30,000
  • 3 Moneybags: $5,000
Watch out for Tattaglias as you go down the stairs
This guy knows where they're taking Frankie - you'll have to beat it out of him though

You and Frankie are just about to christen the new apartment when a bunch of Tattaglias pull up outside. Frankie runs away to try and escape but with no luck. Crouch down and head to the cabinets right in front of the door to get some cover. A thug will run in almost immediately, before you even get to cover, so be prepared. There will be a second guy right after him. Go out the door and proceed down the stairs carefully, taking cover before every turn. There will be two more enemies before you reach the bottom. Turn right and go through the door ahead. Pressure the Tattaglia in the room to talk. He will tell you that they are taking Frankie to an old church. Kill him, then go to the phone in the lobby and call Monk.

After picking up Monk, drive to the church, but watch out for pursuers
Go into the small crypt in the graveyard to find the bonus moneybags

Go outside, steal a car, and go pick up Monk. Then drive to the church where they are keeping Frankie. You will have Tattaglias pursuing you, so do what you can to shake them. When you get to the church, after parking in the blue spot, go to the right into the graveyard. In the small stone structure you will find the three hidden bonus moneybags.

Watch out for the guy hiding in the wall on the left

Now go around to the left side of the building and down the stairs into the basement of the church. Proceed through the basement carefully, taking cover at every turn and peering around the corner for enemies. Be especially careful when leaving the larger room with lots of enemies. In the hallway beyond that room are recessions into the walls on either side. There is an enemy hiding in the one on the left.

There are two more hiding in the stairwell ahead. After going up the stairs and watching the cutscene, the mission will be complete.

Be careful when you leave the church. There will still be some Tattaglias hanging around outside. Hop into the nearest car and hightail it to Stromboli's in Hell's Kitchen. Walk into the blue circle to the east of the shop to start the next mission.