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Mario Debellis is a Cuneo Capo who feels he's been slighted by the Corleones. He's honorable, and can be trusted to keep things "strictly business." However, Mario will strike back at the Corleones if he thinks his reputation can't be restored. Settle this like men.

  • Reward: $1,500 +4,500 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Accept Mario's duel, then throw him over a ledge
  • Bonus Reward: $7,500 +22,000 Respect
Walk past DeBellis' men without a weapon and they'll leave you alone
When DeBellis gives the signal, whip out a gun and shoot him in the knee

Go to Debellis' hangout, but keep your weapons concealed. He's honorable, so he won't let his men hurt you as long as they don't feel threatened and you don't try to cheat at the duel. Go up to Mario and talk to him. He will tell you the rules of the duel. You are to stand where you are and not draw your gun until he says so. He will back up, stand there for a moment, then tell you to draw. Take out your gun and shoot him in the knee.

Don't worry, I hear "Marios" are into plumbing

Then go up to him, beat him to get his health low, stand him up, lean him over the ledge, and throw him over.