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Kelly "KO" Berry is an aging prize fighter, who was supposed to take a fall in the sixth round. Kelly's pride got in the way, and he decided to fight it out. His victory stunned the crowd, and cost everyone their bets. Keep your gloves above the belt, and get revenge.

  • Reward: $50 +1,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Knock out Kelly in a fair boxing fight
  • Bonus Reward: $10,000 +50,000 Respect
Who says using a bat in a boxing match is against the rules? Not I!

It is interesting what the game considers a "fair" boxing fight. When you are fighting Kelly, you shouldn't pull out a gun and shoot him in the face, but you should pull out a melee weapon such as a lead pipe or baseball bat and KO him with that. You will still earn the bonus condition. You can also use this technique in any prize fight in the game for a few Gamerpoints. Or you can just beat him up through your fists. Note however that the onlookers will throw bottles at you while you fight Kelly so kill them first.

Special note: In all versions, if you upgrade your health to its max, even with health regeneration, it will help to ease the damage the opponent does to you. The Wii version unfortunately doesn't have a way for you to block his moves so attack like mad until he dies.