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Godfather aroyalflush 01.png

Casino mogul Moe Green has prospered under the Corleone's protection. But his growing power stands in the way of Michael's ambitions in Las Vegas...

Fredo Corleone - Michael's brother, learning the casino business from Moe Green

  • Respect: +100,000
  • Money: $50,000
  • 3 Moneybags: $15,000
Go into the room to the left of the bellboy to find the bonus moneybags
Make this guy give you the password

Go out of the room and talk to Michael. The safe is at the back of the gambling hall. You can blow it if you have dynamite.Then go down to the second floor. Go up to the hotel worker in red, then turn left and go into the room ahead. There you will find the three hidden bonus moneybags. Now go back and pressure the hotel worker into talking. He will tell you the password to get into the casino racket downstairs.

Make up a story to temporarily displace the guards

Take the stairs all the way to the bottom and talk to the guy there. He will let you in. Go down the hall into the large room overlooking the main room. Go down the stairs that are somewhat hidden all the way to the left. Go into the next room, turn left, and talk to the security guard there. Then turn around and talk to the other security guard with the symbol over his head.

Don't forget the cash!

Then jump over the divider, plant dynamite at the vault, then jump back over the divider. Take out a few security guards, then go back to the vault and collect the dough.

You'll have to shoot your way out of the building

Go back to the divider, but before you jump over it, use it for cover to kill all the security guards you can, including those above on the next floor. Then leap over and make your way back to the staircase carefully, taking out any remaining security guards. Go up the stairs, then take cover behind the wall at the top. Using the cover, kill the security guards in the next room.

Shake the police and get to the safehouse

Then go into the room, turn right, and go down the hallway to the elevator. Take the elevator up to the main floor. Run out of the building quickly because there will be police waiting for you there. Run away from them as quickly as possible and steal the first car you can find. Then hightail it to the safehouse marked by the blue X on your map.

Drive the cop car carefully to your next location

Go inside and talk to Michael and Clemenza. They have a patrol car waiting for you out back. Take the car to the place marked on your map. You have to be careful when driving it because if you take out any pedestrians or crash into things, your cover will be blown.

Use the garrote for a stealthy kill

Park the car in the back, then go through the back door. Crouch down and sneak up behind the security guard and use the garrote wire on him.

Make Green see red

Then turn to the left and walk to the corner of the wall carefully. Wait for the other guard to go up the stairs, then sneak up behind him and do the same thing. Then go up the stairs and do the same thing to the next guard. Now take out a gun, crouch down, and go into the room behind you. Moe Green will be laying on a table getting a massage. Shoot him in the head, then head back downstairs. You can blow the safe once you took out the security guards at the bottom floor.

Shake the cops again and get to Corcoran's Perch

There will be some more security guards at the bottom, so watch out. Kill them, then go back out the back door. There will be another security guard out there, so watch out for him too. Get in the police car again and outrun the cops to Corcoran's Perch. Go in there and talk to Clemenza. This will complete the mission.

After the mission, you will need to meet Michael at the baptism in Little Italy. Go to the church where it's being held and walk into the blue circle out front. This will start the next mission.