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Donnie Marinelli was last seen at the Ambassador Social Club in Brooklyn. He has evidence that the Corleones are paying off a police chief. Donnie's blackmailing the chief, but he's getting greedy. Take down Marinelli before things get out of hand - use a Baseball Bat.

  • Reward: $500 +1,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Use a baseball bat
  • Bonus Reward: $2,500 +5,000 Respect
Take cover next to the door and take out Marinelli's buddy
Batter's up!

Go into the club where Marinelli is at and talk to the bouncer in the front room. He will unlock the door to the club for you. Take cover to the left of the right door, open the door, and kill the Tattaglia that is not Marinelli. You may then try and shoot Marinelli in the knee to demobilize him, but you'll probably be fine if you don't. Take out your baseball bat, run up to him, and beat him to death with it.