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Clemenza has discovered where Sollozzo is hiding Tom, but his motives are unclear. With Don Vito's recovery uncertain, a long shadow is cast over the fate of the Corleones.

Tom Hagen - Don Vito's loyal Consigliere, a skilled negotiator

  • Respect: +4,500
  • Money: $2,500
  • 1 Moneybag: $4,000
You must strangle the guards to avoid being heard

The mission starts in front of the diner where Sollozzo is hiding Tom. Crouch down and follow Clemenza and Rocco. Don't go ahead of Clemenza or you will be spotted by the Tattaglia guards. When Clemenza tells you, creep up to the first guard and strangle him. To strangle, you must first grab hold of your enemy by pressing LT button + RT button, then while still holding those down press and hold L button + R button until your enemy is dead. On the Wii, hold Z button and follow the display that you need to follow in order to strangle a person.

Break the boxes up ahead to get the bonus moneybag

After taking out the first guy, continue to creep forward around the boxes, and strangle the next two guards. You must kill these guys by strangulation or you will make too much noise and your cover will be blown. After all three guards have been strangled, you can then stand up and sprint forward until you get to the blue marker. After the cutscene, crouch down and go through the hole in the fence. Then run over to the boxes in front of you and to the left. Break them to reveal the hidden bonus moneybag.

Hide behind the boxes and take out the Tattaglia guards
Redecorate this guy's face to save Tom

Then take out a gun and join Clemenza and Rocco to the right. Take cover and kill the Tattaglias. Continue to progress forward slowly and cautiously, taking cover and killing the guards when they appear. Make sure to collect all the ammo from your victims or you may find yourself having to fight firearms with a bat. When all the guards are dead, take cover behind the wall on the right and slide your way to the left to peer around the corner. You will see a Tattaglia with a gun to Tom's head. Take him out with a headshot to save Tom.

After the cutscene, drive Tom and Clemenza to the Corleone Compound and park at the blue marker. This will complete the mission.

When you get out of your car, you will see a guy with the puppet symbol over his head. Talk to him, then go to the blue marker where you will find the entrance to the main building. Go inside and go to the blue circle on your map. Tom Hagen will be there. Talk to him. Congratulations! You are now an Enforcer for the Corleone Family. You are rewarded with +5,000 respect and $7,500 bucks. Turn around and you will see another guy with the puppet symbol. Talk to him and he will tell you to meet Clemenza at the Falconite. When you exit the building, you'll find Sal Tessio in the doorway. Now that you're officially part of the family, he'll have a job for you. Talk to him if you want to get your first hit contract, otherwise just come back to him later. You'll also see Sonny Corleone next to a truck. Talk to him for a little advice on being an Enforcer.

Now head on over to the Falconite and talk to Clemenza. He'll tell you that the Don is still in bad shape and request that you go to the hospital to keep an eye on things. After you talk to him, you'll see another guy who wants to talk to you. Talk to him and he'll give you the scoop on racket trucks. After that, there will be yet another guy who wants to talk to you! Talk to him and you will get your lesson on the five families and the five neighborhoods. Your sudden burst of popularity doesn't end there. As you leave you'll run into another three guys who have something to say. They'll each just say something about one of the rival families. Once you exit, the guy outside will inform you that Sollozzo will probably make another attempt on the Don's life. What are you doing standing around and talking for? Get to the hospital! Once you do, it will start the next mission.

Special note: If you have the Wii,PS3 and Xbox 360 version, if you unlock the neck snap earlier, it will save you the trouble of killing mobs silently!