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Jack Fontana is the Stracci Consigliere. He's made a fortune trading goods stolen from the docks in Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, Jack's business has disrupted Micheal Corleone's plans for expansion in the area. Eliminate Jack's guards and take him out.

  • Reward: $7,500 +15,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Use a bare-handed strangle
  • Bonus Reward: $37,500 +75,000 Respect
Take out the first of Fontana's men from behind the wall
Head to the left and take out anyone over there

Crouch behind the wall in front of the storage place where Fontana's men are. Kill all the Straccis you can from there, then move in and head to the left, taking out any Straccis over there.

Try to kill the rest of Fontana's men from here

Then move forward and take cover behind the green thing just where the small wall in front of you ends. You should see Fontana along with several of his men. Take out all his men that you can from that location.

Shoot Fontana in the knee when he approaches
Strangle him with your bare hands to complete the bonus condition

Then move forward and take cover on the other side of the red thing that Fontana is behind. When he comes running to you, shoot him in the kneecap. If any of his men are left, take them out now. Then go up to him and strangle him to death.

Special note: If you own these versions (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii), if you have difficulty completing this mission, you can do a number of things. If you can bribe a head cop, pay for a bodyguard and your shield filled up so you can call your gang or a combinations of all three, it will help ease the distraction. Just make sure you don't do this hit mission while the "Mob War" is still going.