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Plinio Ottaviano is a Stracci madman who runs dynamite out of his warehouse in Hell's Kitchen. He's been selling explosives to a number of local gangs. You can take down Plinio directly, or show him how you fight fire with fire - use Molotov cocktails or nearby explosives to make him fry!

  • Reward: $1,500 +2,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Make Plinio burn
  • Bonus Reward: $7,500 +10,000 Respect
Control selector Select controller:
Xbox/Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii
Kill Plinio's men first
Make Plinio burn using molotovs and the explosive boxes near him

Drive to the bridge above the railyard where Plinio and his men are. Crouch down and use your pistol to pick his men off one by one. If Plinio is close enough to one of the explosive boxes, use free-aim mode to shoot and explode one of them. Otherwise, toss Molotov cocktails at him until he dies. You should stand before you try throwing them or you may end up killing yourself. To use them, hold LT button to target Plinio, then press RT button to throw them.

An alternative is more dangerous if you drive to the railyard to where Plinio and his men hangs around. You need to keep a distance, use cover a lot and ensure you have enough supplies including molotov cocktails to really fry your enemies to complete the mission.