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Don Corleone, having refused to deal in narcotics with Sollozzo, knew reprisals would follow - so Luca is sent on an errand to 'join' with Sollozzo.

Bruno Tattaglia - Underboss and son of Don Tattaglia

Sollozzo - The 'Turk' helping the Tattaglias build a narcotics racket

  • Respect: +3,500
  • Money: $2,000
  • 1 Moneybag: $2,500
The boxes the dummy is about to fall on contain the bonus moneybag

Follow Luca until he stops, then talk to him. He will give you a gun and teach you how to shoot. After you take out the first dummy, it may fall over and break the stack of boxes next to it. If it does not, step on the boxes to break them. They will collapse and you will collect the hidden bonus moneybag inside.

Hide behind the boxes and shoot the enemy when he reveals himself
Use this wall for cover to take out the next two guys

Then go to the highlighted wall and follow Luca's shooting instructions on the next two dummies. Then press Plus button to go into free-aim mode and shoot the truck. After your lesson, drive Luca to the Luna Bar in Midtown. His meeting won't go too well and he'll be offed. Your next objective will be to get revenge on his assassin. You will have to kill a few of his henchmen first though. Crouch down behind one of the wooden crates and take out the first one. Then head to the back of the alley, but hide against the back of the highlighted wall before you get there and use it for cover to take out the next two men. If you want to get creative, use free-aim and blow up the burning barrel.

Enter the kitchen, but immediately go back out and take cover
Use this wall for cover to take out the next two guys

Head up the stairs and open the door, then go in but immediately go back out (the next enemies won't appear until you go through the door). Use the wall for cover and take out the next two men. Go through the kitchen and through the next door. Take cover against the first wall you come to and take out the next two guys.

Show Luca's assassin that he messed with the wrong family

Go down the hallway toward the new corpses, turn left, go down that hallway, then take cover against the wall to the right side of the doorway. Kill the final two guys there.

Then turn back around, go down the hallway past the phone, and through the double doors on the left to exit the building. At this point, the police will be all over you, so steal a car and get back to the safehouse as quickly as you can. Once you do, it will complete the mission.

After this, you will have to wait until 5:30 PM before you can start the next mission. You can use this time to take over some businesses and rackets. Once 5:30 rolls around, get to a phone to receive a call from Monk. He'll tell you to meet him at a barbershop. Go to the barbershop to start the next mission.