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Freddie Nobile is the Tattaglia's Consigliere, and he knows how to stay out of sight; however, he has a weakness for the ladies at St. Martin's hotel in Little Italy. The Corleones don't want to be implicated in the murder of a Consigliere, so make sure there are no witnesses around. Be careful - Freddie carries a special gun.

  • Reward: $4,000 +3,500 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Be patient and make sure there are no witnesses
  • Bonus Reward: $20,000 +18,000 Respect
Wait for the maid to leave the room

Go to the Saint Martin hotel and take the stairs down to the garage. Wait to the left of the entrance to the garage and wait for the maid to leave.

Kill Freddie's guard
Kill Freddie

It's okay if she sees you just standing there when she walks by. Once she's up the stairs and out of sight, go into the garage and hide behind one of the cars. Take out Freddie and his guard.

Special note: If you own these versions (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii), the goal is to knock him near the electric circuit. Instead of killing him, shoot him on the knee until he's low on health. Grab him, take him over and knock him into it.