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Marco Cuneo is Underboss and son of the Don. He has an outstanding public reputation and is friendly with law enforcement. Privately, he's a brutal commander, and he is responsible for the deaths of many Corleone soldiers. Find Marco and seek revenge, but be smart - try to make it look like an accident.

  • Reward: $7,500 +15,000 Respect
  • Bonus Condition: Throw Marco into a ditch or railyard
  • Bonus Reward: $37,500 +75,000 Respect
Start shooting Cuneo's men when you're still a good distance to the north
When his bodyguards are dead, shoot Cuneo in the knee

This is definitely the hardest hit of all, at least if you are trying to complete the bonus condition. Approach Marco and his men from the north. Park at a distance far enough to where they won't see you, but close enough for them to be in gunshot range. Then get out of the car and take cover behind it. Start killing his men, but be careful not to accidentally kill him. When you've taken out a few of his men, you can start getting closer and killing the rest of them as you approach. Once they are all dead, shoot Marco in the knee.

Beat his health low, then drag him across the street towards the ledge overlooking the railyard
What witnesses? This was an accident!

Then put away your gun, run up to him, and beat him until his health is very low. Now pick him up and drag him to the ledge overlooking the railyard to the west. It's a pretty long distance to drag someone, which makes this hit so difficult. You have to hope the police haven't got involved by this point, or you'll never make it. You could try bribing a cop before the hit, but then you run the risk of them killing Marco. Also, even with his health low, Marco will probably break away from your hold several times. But eventually, you will get him there. Once you do, just lean him over and throw him off.