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Peach is a unique strategy character with a variety of moves and techniques that make her popular among tournament players. Peach possesses the unique ability to float and move through the air for a number of seconds. This float advantage is very often utilized in combination to perform air attacks ( some of which are powerful, like her crown attack ) or to escape certain death when off of platforms. Peach also has her parasol, which she uses to jump a huge distance into the sky and uses it to uppercut an enemy. After using her parasol, it opens up and she very slowly floats down to the ground, giving the player ample time to decide his/her next move. Peaches' float ability and parasol allows her to escape certain death more easily than any other character in the game, but these 2 advantages are balanced by the fact that she is one of the lighter fighters in the game.

Advanced Peach tactics are about controlling Peach's ability to float. Floating allows many different possibilities, including aerial battles. There are two ways to initiate the float:

  • During a jump; hold down the jump button and Peach will automatically begin floating at the Jump's apex.
  • At any point during a jump; you can also press down whilst holding down the jump button.

The second possibility allows Peach to float at any time during the jump, and not just the apex.

The other thing is that Peach's Vegetables are excellent to be used as her primary attack. They are perfect to break your opponents rhythm. Also, there's a 38-1 chance of a Much more powerful vegetable popping up, this can deal around 30% damage. There's also a more common one that isn't quite as powerful. The other helpful aspect of vegetable is that on rare occasions she can pull up a bob-omb, a Beam sword, and other various items.

The other important this is that when your opponent comes to engage you in a melee battle, you have two options:

  1. Peach bomber
  2. Toad

They're both very good but Bomber is better if your damage is low and you can afford the risk of the character dodging and then counter-attacking. But if you think you can't take that risk. (Especially if they are very good at that type of thing.) Toad is the way to go, you hit them back to where they came from and start throwing even more Veggies.

And the last thing that many people don't do is throw the items they pick up, people usually run in to attack if they pick up a beam sword or another melee items. Obviously you'd throw the item if it was a bomb. But throwing the item you get will allow you to stay at a distance.

Standard Attacks[edit]

Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways) Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Attack Info
A button 2 button A button A button Super Slap Slaps two times. This move is very good if you need some space from your opponent
Right nunchuk+A button Right dpad+2 button Right lstick+A button Right control+A button High Kick Peach kicks her leg up high. It's very good as a followup and it sends foes upwards
Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+2 button Up lstick+A button Up control+A button Heart Blast Peach points her hand upwards then shoots hearts from it. This move is great at stopping any aerial attempts as it has a big hitbox
Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+2 button Down lstick+A button Down control+A button Low Swipe Peach swipes her hand down low. It knocks foes upwards for an air attack
A buttonwhile dashing 2 buttonwhile dashing A buttonwhile dashing A buttonwhile dashing Hand Push Peach pushes forwards then spreads her hands. This move is great for approaching

Air Attacks[edit]

Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways) Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Attack Info
A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png 2 buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Peach Spin Peach spins around, hands extended. This move is great for clearing space around you.
Right nunchuk+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Right dpad+2 buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Right lstick+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Right control+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Crown Bash Peach bashes her crown forwards. Peach's most reliable KO move
Left nunchuk+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Left dpad+2 buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Left lstick+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Left control+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Butt Whack Peach whacks her opponents with her butt. This move hits in front of her too.
Up nunchuk+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Up dpad+2 buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Up lstick+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Up control+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Upwards Kick Peach kicks upwards twice. This move is deadly if you manage to hit an opponent close to the top death zone.
Down nunchuk+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Down dpad+2 buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Down lstick+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Down control+A buttonArcade-Modifier-(Air).png Multi Kick Peach kicks downwards multiple times. Great for damage racking.

Pummels and Throws[edit]

Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways) Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Pummel/Throw Info
A buttonafter grab 2 buttonafter grab A buttonafter grab A buttonafter grab Shin Kick Peach kicks the opponents shin.
Right nunchuk+Left dpad or Right dpad Right dpad+Minus button Right lstick+Zl button or Zr button Right control+Z button Peach Slap Peach slaps her opponent away.
Left nunchuk+Left dpad or Right dpad Left dpad+Minus button Left lstick+Zl button or Zr button Left control+Z button Butt Blast Peach blasts her opponents backwards with her butt.
Up nunchuk+Left dpad or Right dpad Up dpad+Minus button Up lstick+Zl button or Zr button Up control+Z button Peach Push Peach volleys her opponents upwards.
Down nunchuk+Left dpad or Right dpad Down dpad+Minus button Down lstick+Zl button or Zr button Down control+Z button Butt Slam Peach slams her butt on the opponent.

Smash Attacks[edit]

Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways) Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Standard Attack Info
Smash Right nunchuk+A button Right dpad+1 button+2 button (Smash Right lstick+A button) or Right rstick (Smash Right control+A button) or Right cstick Whack Attack She whacks opponents with a golf club, tennis racket, or frying pan.
Smash Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+1 button+2 button (Smash Up lstick+A button) or Up rstick (Smash Up control+A button) or Up cstick Upper attacks She whacks opponents above her.
Smash Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+1 button+2 button (Smash Down lstick+A button) or Down rstick (Smash Down control+A button) or Down cstick Spin Attack She spins her dress around.

Special Attacks[edit]

Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways) Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Special Attack Info
B button 1 button B button B button Toad Peach pulls out Toad and uses him as a shield. When struck by an attack, Toad will reflect the attack in the form of spores, leaving Peach unharmed and damaging the opponent. It slows down Peach's descent in the air so it's also useful for recovering. It's somewhat laggy however, and it doesn't hit behind you and you can get grabbed if you spam this.
Right nunchuk+B button Right dpad+1 button Right lstick+B button Right control+B button Peach Bomber Peach dives forward, twirls and flies buttocks first, colliding with her foe in a violent burst of pink crystal hearts. The attack is somewhat powerful, and can go through enemy shields. Don't let your opponent predict this however, as Peach is vulnerable during the startup.
Up nunchuk+B button Up dpad+1 button Up lstick+B button Up control+B button Peach Parasol Peach's recovery move. An upward burst of height, with the sharp point of a parasol. After the initial attack, Peach gently floats back down with the parasol opened (she can float back down faster by holding down).
Down nunchuk+B button Down dpad+1 button Down lstick+B button Down control+B button Vegetable Peach plucks a Turnip (though certain items may pop out, too), and it can be used a throwing item. Certain turnips, identified by their expressions, are more powerful than others. The Stitchhead turnip, identified with '=' symbols for the eyes and a stitched sad mouth, can do over 20% in one hit, and has a 1/52 chance or rarer of appearing.


Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways) Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Taunt
1 button A button Up dpad Up dpad She pulls out her parasol, twirls it, and says, "Sweet."
1 button+2 button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+A button Left dpad or Right dpad Left dpad or Right dpad She dances around, singing "La-la-la-la-la-la".
2 button Down dpad+A button Down dpad Down dpad She twirls around and winks at the camera.

Final Smash[edit]

Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom: The screen will get a frame of Peach, she will dance slowly at her own pace and all enemies will sleep. As closer to Peach, the more time you'll sleep. Also peaches will fall to the ground to pick them up and eat to regain health. But beware because she can knock you easily now that you are asleep. This final smash is most effective in moving stages (e.g. Mushroomy Kingdom and Rumble Falls), as the foes will probably die when the screen slowly moves away from them. Keep the foes near the edge of the screen beforing unleashing this Final Smash in moving stages.