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Back in the hall, a ceiling collapses as a giant machine falls. Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer is knocked over by the impact, as the silhouette of the armored monster emerges from the smoke. Galleom is nearing defeat, and it is up to the two boys to finish him.

Boss Battle: Galleom Again[edit]

This entire stage is simply another fight with Galleom, only that you have to use Lucas and Pokémon Trainer. Its attack pattern is exactly the same, so your strategy should be similar with the previous fight. One particular bonus that you didn't have in the last fight is the trainer's Charizard. It was caught two stages ago, and it happens to be quite effective for this battle. Charizard's Side Special, Rock Smash, is a real boon for defeating bosses, since Galleom's size means you can deal the entire 43% damage with a relatively fast move. It chips down bosses' health faster than anything else in the game, and spamming it here will win you the fight very quickly.

As a desperation attack, Galleom grabs the two smashers, triggers the Subspace Bomb built within it, then flies into the air, taking the fighters with him. The sheer force of the ascension leaves the Pokémon Trainer unconscious, while Lucas breaks off Galleom's hand with PK Thunder. This successfully frees both of them from being sucked into Subspace, but causes them to plunge into the stone ground. Lucas braces for the worst...

Just before they hit the ground, Metaknight swoops in and saves them both. After the ordeal, the Pokémon Trainer finally regains consciousness, and thanks Lucas and Metaknight for saving him. The psychic kid, the trainer and the swordsmen decide to team up to take down more Subspace forces, and to hopefully end the invasion.