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Here are enemies listed here including some Goombas and Koopas are also seen as foes as well. To get their trophy of them weaken them and then attack them with a trophy stand.


Rightfully named, since it is a tank-like enemy that, when fully closed, will unleash a large hook-like arm to hurt you with. The Armank cannot be damaged at this point; attack the arm to destroy it and reveal the green blob inside, the Armank's only weak spot. Begin spamming strong attacks on the blob. If you don't defeat it in time, it will close up and you will have to destroy its arm again.


They try to defeat you by slashing and throwing swords at you. When they throw their swords at you, dodge them then get close to the Armight and you should be able to deal some easy damage.



A dive-bombing bird, Auroros will occasionally get stuck in the ground, at which point characters can pull them out.


They attack you with a lance and also slash you upwards. The best way to beat them is with long-ranged attacks; Pit, Falco, Fox, Wolf and Link are best for defeating this type of enemy.


These enemies will try to blow you away making movement towards them difficult (strength of blow force increases with difficulty, when on intense only very fast characters can easily move against the wind). They however do no damage with the exception of if you are near them when they start blowing which will cause minor damage. They are usually found in positions where hindering your movement will cause the most damage which include making you an easy target for other baddies that are ranged behind them or slowing your velocity down so you do not make it through a timed door before it shuts.

The three easiest ways to defeat them are to hit them before they start to blow, to hit them from a distance with a ranged attack or to jump over their wind and attack them from above/behind.


These flying enemies will stay above you and dump hot stuff on you to cause damage. It's a good idea to use a side or neutral aerial attack on the Buckot to avoid getting burned.



Bytan will multiply rapidly if they are left alone. It is best to destroy them early to ensure this doesn't happen.


A floating ghost-like enemy. Their health regenerates fairly quickly, so use your strongest attacks. Floows hit hard, but will only attack when they have full health. Avoid hitting them with electric attacks because that will cause their health to instantly refill and trigger their attack.


These are some of the largest enemies of the Subspace Army. They are large, multi-colored heads that will shoot large beams at you. Their heads rest on four platforms that, like the head, can be destroyed. All heads are destroyed automatically when the top one dies. Their rate of firing the large beams increases with difficulty (on intense they shoot approximately 1 shot per second). Hitting their top head with a powerful attack will interrupt their beam attack and cause it to shake, after the head stops shaking they will start their beam attack from scratch. An effective method of attacking is ignoring the other heads and attacking only the top head with powerful aerial attacks as it will be unable to attack. Their beam attacks are treated like all other energy attacks meaning they are reflectable and absorbable.


These small orbs will freeze you if you are too close, making it a pain when platforming. However, unlike the Jyk, they can be destroyed.


These small orbs are similar to the Glice, but burn you instead.


These orbs will electrify you if you come too close.



A very large Subspace enemy with two enormous sickles. It either attacks by lowering the sickles directly on top of you (sending you flying with a lot of force) or it jumps in the air and spins its sickles in a 360° rotation motion (which deals a lot of damage). To fight this guy, you need to get in a position where you can attack him with minimal danger. Run up to him and wait for him to lift his blades up in preparation for a strike. Roll into him so you appear on his backside, and then use smash attacks against him (normal attacks only do a fraction of the damage that a smash does). If you use upward smashes, you can juggle the Greap so that it can no longer attack.

  • Attacking the head seems to do more damage than attacking the body (the part that looks kind of like a cauldron).
  • Attacking a Greap facing a wall results in his sickles getting stuck and so its attacks do not damage you.


These orbs of fire, electricity or water are invincible, and fly around in a set pattern. Do your best to avoid them.


Tiny 2-dimensional enemies which come in red, green and yellow varieties. Mites usually appear in large groups. Their attacks are stronger than their diminutive size suggests.


Primid and Big Primid

Primids are the most common enemies of the Subspace Army. Since these are the most basic enemy (and the first that you face off against), they have really poor AI even on Intense mode — you'll often see them stand next to you waiting to be beaten rather than doing anything detrimental to you. In large numbers they can be somewhat of a pain, since they have an increased chance of striking you. Their main function is to add to your overall damage percent, but always pay attention to when they are going to strike. There are many types of Primids:

  • Big Primid: These have lots of health and are much bigger and stronger than normal Primids, but act the same way.
  • Boom Primid: This Primid throws a Boomerang that will come back to it, so watch the projectile. The boomerang can be destroyed to turn the it into a normal Primid.
  • Fire Primid: These guys only breathe fire and spit fireballs, and are apparently weak to water attacks also.
  • Metal Primid: They fall faster than usual, have more health, and can reflect projectiles. Beware, your attacks won't cause them to flinch so they can attack while being hit.
  • Scope Primid: These Primids do not move, but instead shoot like you would a Super Scope. They can also shoot upwards or charge their shots.
  • Sword Primid: Beam Swords are their only weapons, but this gives them longer range and makes fighting them a pain in groups.



Poppants have candy and presents inside the bowl they carry with them. They will flee when you get anywhere close to them, and immediately begin throwing projectiles at you from a distance.


These puppet-like enemies will drop down from the sky and will either slash at you or fire a red laser from their eyes.



A motorized unicycle, often found traveling in groups. Their only way of inflicting damage is by physically touching you when at high speed. Their main attack is to charge you inflicting massive damage. They have a secondary attack used to try and hit you if you are in the air above them where they spin and jump high into the air which causes massive damage. Both of their attacks inflict a high force and will often knock you off the screen on intense. They also chain their main attack by changing directions if they end up driving behind you (e.g. from a well-timed doge). Like most large enemies, it is helpless if knocked into the air by an attack.

Good strategies to combat Roaders are similar to those used to fight Wario's bike attack in normal brawls. Attacking with a powerful smash attack in their direction will knock them back and abort their charge attack. Counter-attacks are highly effective at destroying them if well-timed and if the Roader is alone. Attacking them from a range with strong range attacks also is effective. Downwards aerial attacking them if they are using their primary attack also works but is not recommended (watch out that they do not use their secondary attack). Once knocked back (so their main attack is canceled), use moves that keep knocking them off the ground until destroyed.

ROB Squad[edit]

ROB Squad

The escort squad for the Ancient Minister, ROB Squad members will fire either missiles or beams or even use physical attacks at the character, depending on their color.

  • ROB Blaster: These gray and black ROBs will charge their eye lasers and fire at you. They have also been known to attack physically and even attack while hovering at later levels in Subspace Emissary.
  • ROB Launcher: These green ROBs will not move, and will fire homing missiles from a distance. The missiles are highly powerful so doging them is recommended.
  • ROB Sentry: These white and red ROBs will use physical attacks.


An enemy that really is a pain to get rid of. It rotates to use its two turrets on you, so distanced attacks are better against him. Whenever you damage him, he rotates, so it's best to use this chance to get rid of him quickly. Roturret will not fire when you have a reflector or shield of any kind active.



A fog-like enemy, Shaydas can be defeated by attacking the core near its chest.


Shellpods appear to be beetle-like creatures, but their outer shell will break if damaged enough. If you keep attacking, it won't get a chance to attack you.


Large cloud creatures enhanced by technology. They fly around and fire balls of electricity at you. After being hit, they darken in color and increase in power, eventually launching bolts of lightning that cannot be dodged and have a high chance of KOing you. It's best to take these guys out one at a time by hitting their battery packs, as fast as possible, and should be a higher priority than Primids.



Towtows are buffalo-like beasts that run to tackle you. When first found, they are often asleep, but attacking it or a nearby enemy will wake it up. They may also use a very powerful electric attack at close range that will knock you off the screen easily. Like all large creatures, once knocked into the air they are completely helpless so sneaking up on them when they are asleep and using upwards smash attacks is highly effective.



A flat, undulating enemy, Trowlon will attempt to carry characters away on its back. It's best to jump off or attack it before you are carried off-screen, or simply avoid it in the first place. A Trowlon's head can be knocked off occasionally when it is attacked from above in which case it will simply fall to the ground and lay there lifelessly.