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The focus shifts back to Mario and Pit, who is traversing a wide, mountainous plain infested with Subspace monsters. Will they catch up to the Halberd or its commander, the Ancient Minister?

The mountainside tunnel[edit]

Starting off, run right and defeat any enemies in your way. You will encounter the first Borboras, enemies who mainly attack by blowing wind at you. The wind doesn't do damage, but pushes you away from where the Borboras is blowing, so they can be quite annoying. You'll have to contend with more Primids, Feyeshes and Borboras before reaching a wall of breakable blocks.

At the wall, you will be introduced to a new enemy, chicken-like machines called Tickens. They can attack by ground-pounding you from above, potentially burying you, or they can charge at you with the spikes on their heads. Be careful when destroying the wall of blocks, as there is a gold item box hidden at the top offscreen. You should break the blocks in such a way that it makes a ladder that you can climb to the very top, or just high enough that you can reach it with an attack.

After the wall is a tunnel, where you must contend with more Borboras, Tickens, fiery Jyks and Poppants. You will soon see a blue item box above a Jyk. It is a bit tricky to obtain its contents, as a wall will rise behind you and push you to the right. Keep going right until you reach a shaft. Drop down it and break the blocks to fall into the lower level of the tunnel.

After defeating more Primids while running to the right, you'll find a opening in the ceiling. You'll need to reach the top of this shaft to find a secret door, which is no easy task. As Pit, you can barely make it to the top by using your multiple jumps and Wings of Icarus, but as Mario you must wall jump up the shaft. If you make it into the room, you will be rewarded with a trophy, a Heart Container and a gold item box. Break the blocks carefully in order to obtain them all.

Once you're done, exit the room and fall down the shaft to resume your adventure. Keep moving to the right, defeating any enemies that come by. One final Borboras guards the door to the next section. Defeat it and enter the door.

A midair trip[edit]

Outside of the tunnel, move to the right and on to the floating platform to cause it to start moving. Along the way, swarms of enemies will assault you as the platform moves to a lower altitude. You will also encounter a new type of Primid, the red-hot Fire Primids. These Primids attack by spitting small fireballs or streams of flames, and have a great resistance against fire attacks. Their attacks don't do a lot of knockback, but they can trap you or overwhelm you when combined with other enemies.

After four battles, the platform will join up with another piece of land. There is no golden door here to signify the end, so just run right into the rays of light to end the level.

Having spotted the Ancient Minister carrying another Subspace Bomb, both Mario and Pit attempt to attack him. However, the Ancient Minister is simply too high up, and continues to his next target without taking a single scratch.