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In a dark corridor of a hidden facility, a ceiling vent is kicked off. A woman silently makes her way down to the floor. She is the famed bounty hunter Samus, but her Varia suit has inexplicably disappeared. Samus has traced it to this facility, but without the protection from her power suit, she must find it while armed with only a stun gun and her knowledge of melee combat.

Infiltrating the facility[edit]

The first section of the level is a straight corridor with some boxes in your path. You can break these boxes, but it isn't necessary to do so unless they block your way forward. Go through the door to enter the next section.

Run to the right and go up one floor at the first elevator you come to. Go all the way to the end of the corridor for a gold item box. Along the way you will encounter two new enemies. The first is the R.O.B. Sentry, which attack you with normal physical moves similar to Primids. R.O.B. Blasters on the other hand blast lasers at you from their eyes. Return to the elevator and go up, then move all the way to the right to find the door to the next area.

As she enters a dark room, Samus finds herself in a secret experimentation chamber. A Pikachu is locked in an odd machine, which periodically harnesses its electricity in a torturous procedure. Samus quickly breaks the glass of the machine to free the poor creature, but triggers an alarm throughout the facility. R.O.B.s emerge from every entrance and assess their targets. Samus and Pikachu will have to fight their way out through the flood of living machines if they want to escape.

The facility maze[edit]

R.O.B. Sentries and R.O.B. Blasters will come at you as you run to the right in this straight corridor. Go through the door at the end to reach the next area.

This area is going to be quite confusing, as there are multiple paths to take. Use the arrows as a hint to where you should go. First off, run straight to the right and go down the ladder to reach a door. Enter it and run to the right, hopping on to a floating platform. This will start a forced battle with some R.O.B.s and Roturrets. After the fight, run right to the end to find a key in a wide open room. Run back to the left until you reach a branching path. Take the top path and unlock the door to access the hallways beyond it.

Past the door, immediately jump up to the hallway above it and run to the right to find a Roturret guarding a key. Ignore it for now and take the launcher to the right of it, which will launch you across a wide chasm on to a secret ledge with a gold item box. You can make it back with good use of your recovery moves, but if you fall, you'll land back in the room where you found the first key and will have to make your way back.

Whether you successfully returned to the ledge or fell off into the room below, make your way back to where the Roturret-guarded key was. Take it and run to the right. Use the key on the top door and run to the end of the hall beyond it. Attack the switch to move the large orange platform into the background and to another room. You can now leave this room through the way you came in and return to the large hub.

Back at the hub, reach the door directly above the one you just came out of, whether by jumping up the shaft or by taking the ferris wheel contraption up. Go through it to enter a room with the orange platform. If you hadn't actiavated the switch in the previous room, you can't advance any further here. If you had, jump on the orange platform to cause it to move. Stay on the platform, avoiding any Jyks in your path, until you reach the very end. You will be forced to battle some Glunders, so defeat them all to make a switch appear.

Once you attack the switch, a bunch of platforms will fall from the ceiling, which causes a change in another room. It also lets you return to the door to the hub room by walking on the platforms that dropped down. Go through the door and this time take the ladder to the very top of the hub room. You can go right and destroy some blocks for a blue item box, but ultimately you want to go left to find another door.

To the surveillance room[edit]

In this vertical shaft, you must climb to the top using the multiple platforms in the room. Ignore the Bytans as you don't need to fight them to progress. You will encounter some R.O.B. Launchers, stationary R.O.B.s that fire powerful homing missiles. They still aren't a threat if you quickly climb to the top. You will find a blue item box and the door to the next section once you do.

In this area, you will encounter humongous Bytans. They behave the same as normal Bytans, but you certainly want to take them out before they start multiplying. You will also find floating proximity mines. These mines move in a set path and will turn red if you get too close. If you touch them, they will explode and damage you, so be careful around them. You wouldn't be able to progress if you didn't hit the switch back in the room with the orange platform, but since you did, there will be platforms for you to advance.

Make your way past the mines until you reach a section of the floor with a slight bulge and some green platforms. You will be forced to fight several Metal Primids. As their name suggests, they're similar to normal Primids, but have a lot more health and will not flinch from your attacks. Nevertheless, they can still be defeated without much trouble. After the fight, move to the right, carefully hopping across the sinking purple platforms. At the very end, you will find the golden door to end the stage.

After navigating the confusing layout of the facility, Samus and Pikachu find themselves in a surprisingly empty surveillance room. Samus notices her power suit being stored in a transparent cylinder on one of the screens. Now that she knows where her suit is, she must fight her way to the room it's located in and retrieve it.

Once you beat the level, both Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu will join your team!