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After a long journey, Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer have finally arrived at their destination. The trainer is set on finding the Pokémon he is after. Can they find where this rare Pokémon resides, and when they do, can they subdue it for the trainer to capture it?

Death traps galore[edit]

Go left on to the elevator, then descend down the tall shaft to the very bottom. Hop into the mine cart there to ride it down to another shaft, which will drop you in a pool of water. Go right into the hallway. Make note of the shape of the red walls in this hallway. These walls rise and fall periodically, and they can potentially crush you if you get between them and another hard surface. When you get to the Fire Jyk, wait until the red walls completely descend to find a hidden trophy.

Go right pass a room with spikes and Glires to end up in another hallway. Here, spiked boards will drop when you get close. Be patient as you move through the room, then quickly go pass the door at the end before it closes completely. Go right and you will soon find yourself on a giant Ferris wheel. You will be approached by Floows and fired upon by a Roturret, so be careful while riding it. Jump off as soon as you see a corridor to your right. Drop down to find three buttons. Attacking one button removes the section of floor underneath it. Attack the right button to find the door hidden in the floor. Go through it to reach the next area.

The crystalline descent[edit]

Finding Wolf
After completing the main story and beating the final boss, return to this stage and make your way through the level until you reach the shaft with the spiky crystals. Drop down to the very bottom and you will find that a door has appeared. Enter the door to fight Wolf in a one-on-one one stock match using the character you entered the door with. Defeat Wolf to have him join your party and unlock him is you have yet to do so.

As soon as you spawn, the screen will start scrolling to the right. You must keep up with the screen, avoiding the fire jets and Jyks while fighting off the Mites. At the very end, be sure to break open the gold item box. Jump into the mine cart for a short ride, then hop on to the platform beyond. The platform will start to descend. Watch out for the spiked crystals jutting out from either wall. Enter the first door you see to enter a secret room.

In this area, you will find platforms moving vertically in alternating directions. You can find a blue item box at the end of the level that contains some nice healing items. Exit the area and fall to the very bottom of the shaft, and defeat the two giant Bytans that fall down after you. Run to the right down a long hallway to trigger a cutscene.

As the two boys walk down the ancient corridor, they find an Ivysaur trophy right in the middle of their path. As the Pokémon has been turned into a trophy, the Pokémon Trainer can easily capture it. Pokémon don't just inexplicably become trophies. Could it have been defeated by the beast we saw before?

A new addition[edit]

As Pokémon Trainer, you can now switch between Squirtle and Ivysaur. Go right and hop on the platform to make it move to the right, where you will have to fight off three different swarms of enemies, the last of which includes fire jets as obstacles. Go right and attack the switches to open the gates, letting you progress. The next few buttons require a bit more reflex and thinking to get through. First, you must attack two switches and go through two doors before one of the switches are deactivated, or else you have to start over.

Attack the switch beyond the doors, then quickly jump up the platforms to reach the top before the door the switch activates closes. Now you have to attack two more switches, and pass through two more doors before either of the switches deactivates. You can always start over if you make a mistake, so just keep trying. Fall down the gap after the doors and go right. Defeat the Roturret, then attack the right button to make a secret door appear. Go through it.

Here, you must attack the switch, then navigate yourself around the right side of the room to reach the room containing the blue and gold item boxes. Attack the switch there to drop back down. Go through the door to return outside. Run right and defeat the Towtow blocking the door, then go through it to reach the next area.

A battle with Charizard[edit]

You must now fight one-on-one with the Pokémon Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer came here for: Charizard. If you didn't die too much in the area before, you should still have a stock advantage against Charizard, so the battle isn't too hard. The stage is fairly large and Charizard is quite heavy, so it might take a while before you get the KO.

Having turned Charizard into a trophy, it can be easily caught by the Pokémon Trainer. Having caught two of the Pokémon he was aiming for, the trainer celebrates with Lucas. As they continue exploring the ruins, they end up in a tall hall that is mostly empty. The hall seems to serve no purpose, and there is no exit to be found...