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Deep in a mystical forest, a young hero clad in green walks toward a hidden altar. Link, the wielder of the Triforce of Courage, draws the Master Sword from the altar, a weapon that will help him slay the many monsters that threaten the land's peace. As he passes a napping Yoshi, he notices the Halberd looming above. As the colossal battleship rains Shadow Bugs into the forest, Link and Yoshi team up to fight this new threat.

Tree climbing[edit]

Finding Toon Link
After defeating the final boss and completing the story of the mode, return to this level. After the first forced battle, you will find that a red door has now appeared above a floating platform. Go through the door to enter a fight with Toon Link. You will be using the character you used to go through the door, and both of you will only have one stock. Defeat Toon Link to make him join your team.

Start off by moving to the right, defeating the Primids in your path. You will be locked in battle with a couple of Primids and Sword Primids, which shouldn't be too hard to defeat. Further on, you'll encounter Puppits. These suspended enemies attack by waving their sharp claws and shooting lasers from their eyes. Jump up the cliff and on to the tree branches as you fight more Puppits and some Bucculi. Drop down into a gap between two trees, then run to the left to find a secret door in a trench.

On the other side of the door is a room with one gold and one blue item box, guarded by a single Fire Jyk. Get the items in the boxes, then exit the way you came. Move to the right and climb over the trees. Keep running to the right until you land on a platform between two pits, where you will be locked into battle with some enemies. Defeat them then continue to the right until you reach the door to the next area.

Treetop peril[edit]

You will encounter a new enemy soon after entering this section: Trowlons. These pink, streamlined enemies will swoop underneath you and attempt to carry you off the top blastline, resulting in a KO. Either jump off of them or attack them with low attacks avoid losing a stock. Continue moving right on the tree canopy until you reach a cliff. Use the springs to jump on to the cliff, then use the spring there to reach a floating blue item box.

Keep moving to the right, attacking the enemies waves of enemies coming at you while avoiding the bottomless pits. Once you land on one of the tree canopies, you will be locked in battle with a couple of Tickens and Puppits. Defeat them all to spawn a platform to the right, letting you progress. Run to the right until you reach some ruins, and attack the bomb blocks to remove the breakable blocks connected to it. The first bomb block reveals some healing items while the second reveals a gold item box. The final bomb block must be destroyed to reveal the door to the next area.

The field by the woods[edit]

Run to the right, where force balls will make another appearance. As usual, use them to damage enemies along their tracks. Use the springs to reach one particular force ball that's high up, letting you attack it and breaking the column of blocks below. Doing so will let you break open the blue item box in the trench, granting you an extra life.

Continue to the right until you reach an arrangement of force balls. Tons of Mites will start falling from the sky. To defeat them quickly, attack the force ball with the horizontal track. This will cause it to trigger the vertical force balls, letting you defeat an entire row of enemies efficiently. Attack the force ball up ahead to clear a path for you to progress, but quickly jump off before it destroys the platform you're standing on.

Keep going to the right until you reach an entrance to a tunnel, where you will encounter armored enemies called Shellpods. These beetle-like enemies are protected by their exoskeleton. You must first destroy its outer shell before you can attack the creature inside. Defeat them and run to the end of the tunnel, then attack the switch to make some platforms appear.

You must quickly jump on these platforms to reach a ladder before they disappear. The ladder will take you to a permanent platform, where you can attack a force ball to break open the ceiling of the shaft. Jump up on to the ground above the shaft, and continue to the right. You must then carefully destroy a force ball in the middle of a bottomless pit to proceed.

Keep going to the right until you reach a cliff face, then use the spring to jump on to the cliff. You will be forced to battle multiple swarms of enemies, including Fire Primids and Shellpods. After defeating the various foes, go further right into the rays of light to end the level.

Link and Yoshi reaches the edge of the desert as they watch the Halberd fly off into the distance. Link decides to continue the pursuit, while Yoshi follows. Meanwhile, inside the Halberd, a mysterious cardboard box is left in an empty room...

After clearing the level, Link and Yoshi will join your team!