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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Destroy the Allied Advanced Base
    2. Destroy the Allied Airbase
    3. Destroy the Final Allied Airbase
    4. Destroy the FutureTech HQ
  • Bonus Objectives
    1. Destroy the Proton Colliders
  • Opponents
    1. Robert Bingham
    2. Dr Gregor Zelinsky
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Shinzo

Key Strategies[edit]

  • This is the second and final mission where you will fight both the Allies and the Soviets.
  • Destroy the Allied Outpost.
  • Keep Yuriko alive as long as possible because she is very expensive to replace.
  • Beware of the Allied Mirage Tank, Athena Cannon, Tanya, Aircraft Carriers and Century Bombers.
  • When Soviet Units arrive, use Yuriko to destroy their Apocalypse tanks.
  • Destroy the Power plants with final squadron to stop the Proton Colliders.
  • Capture the Allied airbase to use both the Empire and the Allied units.
  • Build the Psionic Decimator to be able to level the Allied and Soviet Bases quicker.
  • Infiltrate refineries with the Shinobis and expand as soon as possible.
  • During the last part of the mission, try to keep your units alive and use final squadron, Sleeper Ambush and the other Top Secret Protocols as soon if you get the chance. The Sleeper Ambush will be perfect on destroying the Apocalypse Tanks and the Futuretech HQ.


At the begining of the mission you'll be asked to destroy all the remaining allied forces before you can set up your base. You can try not to destroy all of the base at first, leave one building, for example a power plant. Then send your entire force, including Yuriko, and attack the allied base from your nearest north part. Yuriko should easily be able to finish off the entire base with the help of few infantry and King Oni. Yuriko can also get inside garrison buildings to avoid those annoying dogs. After the base is down, go back and destroy the power plant and your reinforcements will arrive. (Regarding the delay of setting up your base, you should get plenty of cash now.)

Set up your base as fast as you can, and build and send a docks core to the sea to the east where your co-commander has his base set up. Build at least two more power plants, then mainframe core, nanoswarm hive and then psionic decimator. Make sure you have adequate power, and static defences are not essential as athena cannons tear them apart with impunity. As soon as your dock is built, tech it up to max, then pump out battleships and seawings.

Yuriko Omega is essential to stopping horde allied rushes in the beginning of this mission. She can stop whole rushes of 8 vehicles by juggling them in the air at once, while all other units get torn up by annoying athena cannons. You must keep a careful eye on her, however, because she dies very quickly when faced by athenas. If she is shot at, move her as fast as possible so she moves out of the blast zone of the athena. If she is near death, and you are near a garrisonable structure, get inside and she can still attack units from inside. If you get attacked by aircraft from the north in the first few minutes, Yuriko can also pull them out of the air, stopping them from pulling apart your base. You may also need to send her to defend your co-commander (if its a computer) to stop rushes on his side.

A few minutes into the mission proper, you will be alerted to proton colliders being set up by the allies.To kill these proton colliders, three battleships (I did it with two, but that was cutting it close) and a few seawings to hold off cyrocopters is enough to take apart one collider with ease. Use your Final Squadron on the other collider, to tear down its health so you can quickly flatten it in a few volleys. With your battleships, slowly move forwards (I suggest go for the east collider first) until you can shell the first collider. Make sure to kill dolphins and spectrum towers on your way in, if you're not paying attention, these can ruin your day. Once the first collider is destroyed, move on to the second and shoot that one to pieces too. If you are playing on Medium difficulty, a Final Squadron can be targeted on the generator next to the super weapon instead of the weapon itself, which will destroy it and disable the super weapon. Final Squadron is on a 3 minute timer, so you can destroy both facilities without the need for a naval rush, allowing you to focus your forces on the immediate north. Anyway if you fail to destroy them bythe time they fire activate your nanoswarm where the weapon fires. So keep an eye out for a blue spiral of smoke as that is where they'll fire.

The Soviets will turn up out of nowhere, but ignore them for the moment. At least they don't use vacuum bombs on you, so be thankful. Move your battleship fleet between the allied air base and that island next to it, somewhere near the entry to your co-commander's base. Use your psionic decimator to blow up the Allied War Factories somewhere to the north, and Final Squadrons to knock up the airfields just to your north. Your co-commander will eventually turn the tide with less units harassing him, or you can walk forwards Wave-Force artillery pieces to stomp the base. They pack cyrocopters, so bring plenty of anti-air. Once that base is destroyed, the hard part of the mission is over. Move your battleships north, and just get them to hit anything they can from the water. There is a massive stack of power plants in the north-west corner, you can blow these up with a psionic decimator. Bring plenty of Rocket Angels, King Onis, and Wave-Force artilleries, then systematically move forwards, destroying everything in your path, and trash everything in your way until you reach the FutureTech HQ.

When the HQ reaches a certain health level, you get a video of the Russian Scientist blowing up everything with some kind of chrono weapon or something. That's OK, you and your co-commander now both get a small force of elite soldiers, to face two teams of enemy elite soldiers. However, you even get to keep your Final Squadron, Sleeper Ambush, Balloon Bombs and other upgrades, but that could be a bug, I'm not too sure (I didn't notice it until the end of the mission, when it was too late anyway). Either way, you can use the Final Squadron to weaken one group up, then send your Rocket Angels in to kill or paralyze all the flak, then clean up with your Onis and Mecha Tengus. Once that is done, just bash down the FutureTech HQ, and the mission is over. (You can also send all off your rocket angels to bypass all the enemy and direct attack HQ, you'll need to send King Oni and 2 Mecha Bay to distract the enemy. Once the rocket angels reach HQ, attack and mission accomplished.)