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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Clear the island of enemy forces (easy)
    2. Construct a Barracks and Naval Yard (easy)
    3. Set up base defenses (easy)
    4. Destroy the Generators (Don’t be proud -- build up a large force of Stingrays before heading to this area.)
    5. Destroy the Imperial Scout Base (much easier once you liberate the Dreadnoughts)
    6. Destroy the Imperial Naval Base (careful! The Naginata Cruisers and an air assault right above the base can destroy your Dreadnoughts)
    7. Destroy the Imperial Military Admin. (aka, the Imperial Palace to the far northeast)
  • New Units
    1. Combat Engineer
    2. Stingray
  • Opponents
    1. Tatsu
  • CO-Commander
    1. Zhana

Key Strategies[edit]

  • This mission introduces the Stingray, the Combat Engineer and the Dreadnought.
  • Locate your MCV near the western part of the island or you will not be able to place the Ore Refineries directly in front of the mines. Your co-commander will probably utilize the eastern half of the island.
  • The game will not end once the Imperial Scout Base and Naval Base are destroyed. It will then be necessary to attack the Imperial Palace to the northeast.
  • Avoid the area to the west of the map until the two Dreadnought Battleships are liberated at the eastern docks. Be careful or you will lose both of your Dreadnoughts to air units located directly above the western Naval Base.
  • Capture the Dry Dock to the far east of the map so ships will auto-repair.
  • Be sure to destroy the western Naval Base before heading toward the Imperial Palace. Naginata Cruisers can devastate your base if your Dreadnoughts are not there to protect the region.
  • King Oni will appear and annihilate your ground troops once you approach the Imperial Palace. Don’t bother with finesse. Attack the King Oni with Orbital Drops and your Dreadnoughts.
  • The Imperial Palace cannot be reached from the eastern land mass but can be accessed by the peninsular, dock-like area of the map.
  • Build as many Stingrays, Flak Troopers and Conscripts as you can. A Big Army will surely overwhelm the Imperials defending the Palace.
  • Build as many Flak Cannons and Sentry Guns as you can, they will provide the perfect defense against air and ground units that dare to attack your base.


Unload the troops contained on your three Bullfrogs onto the forward island and starting destroying enemy structures. With the reinforcements that will be arriving shortly, it will be easy to clear the island and achieve the first objective.

Deploy the Mobile Construction Vehicle to the west once the island is cleared. Build a Reactor, two Ore Refineries, Barracks and Naval Yard. Build a second Reactor and then a Sentry Gun and Flak Cannon to achieve the Set Up Base Defenses objective.

Build a second Sentry Gun and Flak Cannon toward the front of your base and your defensive perimeter will be secure, as long as you don’t let the Naginata Cruisers slip past your Dreadnoughts.

Start cranking out massive Stingrays. These units can navigate on land or water.

Avoid the western part of the map!

Go east and destroy the three Defender-VX Turrets guarding the two Dreadnoughts. Destroy the eastern Naval Port and head further east.

Capture the Dry Dock to the far east of the map so your ships will auto-repair. An engineer can boat over to this structure to capture it.

Destroying the Generators will be easy with the Stingrays and two Dreadnoughts you have in this area.

Head towards the pier-like peninsula and destroy the three Defender-VX Turrets guarding the bay. Play cat and mouse by sending Stingrays to engage the Naginata Cruisers and bombard them with your Dreadnoughts or rush them with everything you’ve got and finish the contest before they do too much damage.

The Cruisers will try to avoid the Magnetic Satellite, but it’s worth a try.

Once the structures along this peninsula are destroyed, head to the west to finish off the last Naval Base with just “one” Dreadnought and a large force of Stingrays. Cruisers will put up a fight but you can eventually overcome their firepower.

Once you approach the structures, utilize the second level Orbital Drop to speed up the destruction process. An aerial assault will appear immediately above these structures and you may lose your Dreadnought and Stingrays before you finish the job if you are not careful.

The last target is the Imperial Admin to the northeast. Set the Rally Point for this region and start cranking out more Stingrays. Have at least one Dreadnought in the area to assist in the fight.

King Oni will appear and put up a fierce fight, but massive Stingrays can overpower him.

Finish destroying the Imperial Military Admin.

Mission accomplished!