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In the Yuriko Campaign, Yuriko gains special - and lethal - Psionic Talents. They are as follows:

  • Psychic Burst: Unleashes a torrent of psychic energy that kills all infantry units in a large radius and damages mechanical targets. Similar to Yuriko's Psionic Burst in RA3.
  • Psychic Domination: Takes over the minds of infantry, including Rocket Angels, and turns them to your side. However, in the final Yuriko mission, the Psychic Inhibitors will cause the infantry to turn against you (only if you enter the radius of the Inhibitor's effect).
  • Psionic Shield: Deflects all attacks on Yuriko back at the offending unit(s). However, it can only maintain itself for a short time, and will disappear eventually. This is particularly effective against Shinobi, because the ninja stars that are deflected back will kill them instantly.
  • Psionic Slam: Picks up objects like tables, boxes, or your enemies, and throws them around (which usually results in death). You can make vehicles smash into each other and destroy them. Experiment with all the possibilities.

Yuriko can upgrade these powers as the campaign progresses.