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Tech buildings are neutral structures on the battlefield that can be captured by Engineers to provide certain benefits for your armies. Unoccupied tech buildings are always seen with a white flag with a gear symbol on it. Allied and Soviet Commanders cannot build structures near tech buildings, unlike in Red Alert 2.

Oil Derrick[edit]

Oil Derricks are perhaps one of the most useful tech structures in the game. When captured, they give a $500 dollar bonus to the first player who captures it and afterwards give out $15 every 2 seconds ($450 a minute). Oil Derricks can be found on both the land and sea. Oil Derricks explode if destroyed.

Swiss Banks[edit]

Similar to Oil Derricks but only available in Geneva. They provide 500 and 5 dollars latter.


The New York Stock Exchange Building provides $1,000 bonus and $100 steady income. This building is only in the last Soviet mission in New York.


When captured, all friendly vehicles auto-repair. These buildings are only found on land.


When captured, all friendly aircraft automatically repair. They are only found on land.


When a Hospital is captured, all infantry units will auto-heal. This building is only found on land.

Dry Dock[edit]

When captured, all ships and things that are in the water will auto-repair. These buildings are only seen in the water not on land.

Observation Post[edit]

If you capture an Observation Post, it will provide a large area of visibility. These buildings are only found on land. Capture all in a location to reveal the entire map for that location.

Veteran Academy[edit]

If captured, all units, even the ones without weapons, gain one rank per deployment. If two are captured all units gain two ranks per deployment. If three are captured all units gain the rank of Heroic. These buildings are only found on land.

Long Range Radar Towers[edit]

These Structures provide a great view of the Battlefield. These structures are only seen in the Empire mission Pearl Harbor.