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Archer Maiden[edit]

Anti Air
RequirementsInstant Dojo
AbilitiesArrow Barrage
RoleAnti Air
Build Time????
Damage typeBow and arrows

Armed with a laser-type longbow effective against enemy aircraft. Can fire arrows that break up in flight, releasing many small projectiles that are lethal to infantry. Deadly when garrisoned and was introduced to support Tankbusters and Imperial Warriors at AA Role.

Giga Fortress[edit]

Anti Surface and Anti Air
RequirementsImperial Dock Breakthrough
RoleAnti Surface and Anti Air
Build Time0:30
Damage typeCannon, Rocket Pods, "God's Breath Device"

The Giga Fortress is similar to a mobile floating fortress. Armed with 350mm cannons for ground targets and rocket pods effective against aircraft, even Kirovs and Centurys can be bought down in seconds. Can transform into a giant sky-fortress armed a with a "God's Breath Device" that can devastate ground targets. If any enemy units are underneath the Giga Fortress when it transforms, they will be crushed. The Giga Fortress is built by Nanocore because it is too large to be made out of a Imperial Dock and is rumored to heal itself in battle.


While in sky fortress mode the Giga Fortress has no anti air weapons

Steel Ronin[edit]

Anti Armor Robot
RequirementsMecha Bay Upgrade
AbilitiesSome sort of searing wave attack
RoleAnti Armor Robot
Build Time????
Damage typeWave Force Melee Attack

Possibly the best melee attacker and anti armor infantry because it is an anti armor robot too large to be crushed by tanks. Its beam naginata is so powerful that it could also do some sort of searing wave attack that hits multiple targets.


Its weakness is that swarms of infantry can defeat the Steel Ronin and the Steel Ronin cannot attack aircraft. Also it is too large to be build from the Instant Dojo and can only be built at the Mecha Bay.