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The Soviet Infantry are cheap and easily trained but their firepower and armor is one of the weakest except Natasha and the Tesla Trooper.

War Bear[edit]

AbilitiesAmplified Roar
Build Time0:02 Seconds
Damage typeMelee

Fast moving amphibious scouts that can detect disguised or hidden enemies. They can also dispatch infantry in one melee strike. Their special ability is a roar that effectively paralyses enemy infantry in a considerable radius.

Good against infantry (roar too) and fine scouts but lacks attack sight and doesn't do anything to vehicles.


AbilitiesMolotov cocktails
RoleAnti infantry
Build Time0:04 Seconds
Damage typeADK-45 Assault Rifle

We serve glorious Union!


The standard rifle-wielding Soviet infantry is effective against other infantry units. Although hastily trained, they are effective en masse. Their special ability is to use Molotov Cocktails that deal more damage against armored units and structures than their rifles, as well as directly damaging enemy infantry inside garrisoned structures.

Conscripts are dirt cheap infantry units and good garrisoners but they are weak (Molotovs too) and training time is bit too long. Good in big swarms.

Flak Trooper[edit]

AbilitiesMagnetic mines
RoleAnti Tank, Anti Air
Build Time0:05 Seconds
Damage typeFlak

Your gonna make me carry THIS around?

Flak Trooper

Flak Troopers are anti-tank/aircraft conscripts. Their special ability is to plant mines at melee range against enemy vehicles and structures. If they are crushed when they are currently using mines, they will explode dealing damage to anything that crushes the flak trooper.

Good against enemy tanks and aircraft but cost bit too much for their power and are weak against enemy anti-infantry vehicles and infantry, like the Mecha Tengu.

Combat Engineer[edit]

AbilitiesDeploy Bunker
Build Time0:05 Seconds
Damage typeGun

The Union takes what it wants.


Combat Engineers can capture neutral or enemy structures, as well as repair friendly structures. They carry small pistols which can kill enemy infantry units. Their special ability is construct a make-shift bunker, which can be garrisoned by 5 infantry, at the cost of 500 credits.

Basic Engineers with pistols. Their special ability is awesome for defense. Mostly buildings can hold 1 or 3 units but bunkers can hold 5 and it can be placed almost anywhere on the ground. Pistols are only effective against enemy engineers, don't use against enemy infantry.

Tesla Trooper[edit]

RequirementsBarracks and Super Reactor
AbilitiesEM Disrupters
RoleAnti Tank
Build Time0:10
Damage typeTesla

Sparks my interest!

Tesla trooper

Tesla Troopers are larger, armored infantry walkers. They are too large to be crushed by medium sized vehicles. Their special ability is to create a disruption field that disables enemy vehicles in a small radius around the Tesla Trooper, although they cannot move or attack while using this ability.

Tesla Troopers good against enemy tanks and anti-tank infantry and their special ability is useful but they have a slow rate of fire, are easily killed and cost bit too much.


RequirementsBarracks and Battle Lab
AbilitiesSnipe pilot
Build Time0:20 Seconds
Damage typeSniper Gun and Airstrike

Sweet dreams!


Natasha Volkova is a legend amongst Soviet forces, her custom made sniper rifle can pierce through infantry targets, effectively allowing her to kill several at once in a line. She can pin-point enemy vehicles and structures for airstrikes, destroying them in one shot. Her special ability is to snipe a pilot of a vehicle, effectively removing the vehicle from battle. The vehicle can be claimed by an infantry unit.

Better than Tanya and better range than Yuriko's but less powerful than Yuriko. Natasha is good for killing single enemies but swarms beat her. She's most effective against defenses and structures and her sniping ability is deadly against heavy tanks (like Apocalypse and King Oni). Her worst weakness is 3 Sickles/Mecha Tengus/ACVs.


The Soviets have the strongest and most armored vehicles in the game.

Terror Drone[edit]

RequirementsWar Factory
AbilitiesElectro Stasis Ray
Build Time0:05
Damage typemelee

Fast moving amphibious robotic drones that drill through and infect enemy vehicles, destroying them from within. They are lethal against infantry as well. Their special ability is to disrupt an enemy vehicle's movements with a ranged electro-statsis ray.

Deadly against enemy's Ore Collectors and their special ability isn't bad. They are weak against most attacks and special abilities, including Yuriko Omega's Psychic Scream and Tanyas pistols. They are destroyed if the vehicle they are dismantling is sent to repair. Use aircraft against these little monsters or units armed with machine guns like Riptide ACVs.


Anti Infantry scout
RequirementsWar Factory
AbilitiesFlea Jump
RoleAnti Infantry scout
Build Time0:10
Damage typeTriple Machine Guns



Sickles are light, anti-infantry walkers that can shoot at multiple targets. Their special ability is to jump a considerable distance, even to or from an elevation, knocking down infantry where they land.

Maybe the worst of anti-infantry vehicles. They do quite little damage, are non-amphibious, are expensive and their special ability is almost useless. They are good of sweeping enemy commandos, though.

Hammer Tank[edit]

RequirementsWar Factory and Super Reactor
AbilitiesLeech Beam
UpgradesGrinder Threads
RoleAnti Tank
Build Time0:10
Damage type85mm Cannon

Who's looking for a good pounding?

Hammer Tank

The main Soviet Battle Tank is an anti-armor aggressor, tougher than it's Empire and Allied counterparts. Their special ability is a leech beam, that draws weaponry from a enemy vehicle once it is destroyed. For more information about its leech beam effects look here.

Good basic tanks. Their special ability is quite useful and they doesn't cost too much. Aircraft and anti-tank infantry still scrub these little hammies into bits.

Apocalypse Tank[edit]

Advanced Anti Armor
RequirementsWar Factory and Battle Lab
AbilitiesMagnetic harpoon
UpgradesGrinder threads
RoleAdvanced Anti Armor
Build Time0:20
Damage typeTwin 125mm Drakon Cannons

I have the final say.

Apocalypse Tank

The Apocalypse Tank is the largest and toughest ground vehicle in the game, sporting two main cannons that are lethal to all types of enemy armor. They can crush most vehicles under their grinder treads. Their special ability is a Magnetic Harpoon, which pulls enemy units towards the Apocalypse, grinding them once they reach melee range. Apocalypse Tanks are also able to self-repair even without a Machine Shop captured.

Apocalypses annihilate every vehicle that stands. Great armor and self-repair makes it difficult to destroy, but these heavy friends are mighty slow and expensive. Flying machines in en masse sweep this mighty tank, anti-tank infantry does the same trick.

V4 Rocket Launcher[edit]

RequirementsWar Factory and Battle Lab
AbilitiesCluster Warheads
Build Time0:15
Damage typeRocket

V4 to command, we're under fire!


V4 Rocket Launchers are long range bombardment vehicles that launch V4 Rockets, lethal missiles that deal heavy damage against everything caught in its blast. They are slow moving and are lightly armored. Their special ability is to detonate their V4 Rockets in midair, causing shrapnel to rain down on a wider radius.

V4s are good at taking enemy defenses from safely distance. They need something to protect themselves, because they're vulnerable to almost every attack.


RequirementsWar Factory
Build Time0:20
Damage typenone

Seems like a safe neighborhood.


Sputniks serve as base expansion vehicles, that project an area available for structure construction once deployed.

Sputniks deploy quite fast, but they provide smaller ground control than Prospectors and they are pretty vulnerable to attacks.

Tesla tank[edit]

RequirementsWar Factory (plus Super Reactor and Battle Lab?)
AbilitiesEM Disruption field
UpgradesGrinder Threads
RoleAnti Surface Units
Build TimeUnique to pre-last mission with the Soviets if enemy War Factory captured
Damage typeTesla

Like a Christmas tree!

Tesla Tank

Tesla tanks are powerful and pure anti surface units, with dual Tesla Coils, which can fry everything off the surface. Their firepower is equal to Mirage Tank Spectrum Cannons and their rate of fire is very high. This unit is a campaign exclusive unit and is not buildable in Multiplayer or Skirmish. Also uses the same quotes as the Tesla Trooper.


These Tanks are less powerful than the Mirage Tanks and they cannot attack jets, their armor is weaker than Mirage Tanks and can be crushed by Assault Destroyers, but they still pack a punch. What makes them really effective is the fact that the Tesla Coils are so good against Infantry and vehicles. Also these tanks are rarely seen, so try not to lose them.

Ore Collector[edit]

AbilitiesReactive armor
RoleResource Gatherer
Build Time0:20
Damage typenone

We must all do our part.

Ore Collector

The Harvester collects Ore from Ore Mines to fund the Soviet War Machine. Their special ability is to protect themselves with a special ceramic armor which increases their defenses tenfold. This also protects them from Terror Drones.

These things are unarmed and require additional protection when it comes to collecting ore from enemy units, though their ceramic armor prevent most of attacks. Build a Sentry Gun nearby your Refinery to prevent small attacks.

Mobile Construction Vehicle[edit]

RequirementsWar Factory
UpgradesGrinder Threads
Build Time1:00
Damage typeCrusher Threads

I present to you the MCV!


Large defenseless vehicles that deploy into the Construction Yard, necessary for establishing a base. They can crush almost all vehicles in the game, save for Apocalypse Tanks and King Oni.

These things are vulnerable to most attackers and they cannot crush Assault Destroyers, King Onis or Apocalypse Tanks.


The Soviets have little airforce but they are quite powerful and also bit versatile.


Anti Surface Transport
RoleAnti Surface Transport
Build Time0:15
Damage typevaries

You may fire when ready!


The Soviets' main attack helicopter. They fire high-powered machine guns effective against infantry and light vehicles, and they can periodically fire rockets which are more effective against heavier vehicles and structures. They are able to transport up to 5 infantry, or carry a ground vehicle, including Apocalypse Tanks.

These things are pretty powerful against ground units and are great hit and runners. Use them in swarms, not singles. Best way to counter these support gunships is using air to air jet fighters like the Jet Tengu or the Apollo Fighters.

MiG Fighter[edit]

Anti Air Jet
AbilitiesRTB on demand
RoleAnti Air Jet
Build Time0:10
Damage typeMissile

You got a sucker for me?


MiG Fighter Jets are fast, air-to-air combatants. Their rockets have a radius effect, damaging all aircraft caught in its blast. Their special ability is an RTB order which gives them very fast retreating speeds.

One unique tactic used by MiG pilots involves using the Return to Base ability to catch up with fast-flying enemy aircraft. If an enemy aircraft is heading in the vague direction of the MiG's home Airfield, and the MiG cannot quite catch up with the enemy (say, an enemy Apollo), then the MiG can engage its Return to Base special ability afterburners, and thanks to the vastly increased speeds with the afterburners on, the MiG can catch up to the enemy, turn off the afterburners once it catches up, and shoot the enemy aircraft out of the sky.

MiGs have no anti ground attack and has a limited ammunition so use Multigunner IFVs or Striker VXs to take 'em down if you have a hard time dealing with MiGs.

Kirov Airship[edit]

Heavy Bomber
RequirementsAirfield and Battle Lab
AbilitiesAfter burners
RoleHeavy Bomber
Build Time0:25
Damage typebomb

How Pretty!


Kirov Airships are slow moving, heavily fortified flying behemoths. They are able to decimate any ground target under their payloads of bombs. If they are destroyed, they deal severe damage upon landing on the ground. They have no defenses against air targets. Their special ability is an after-burner, which increases their speeds while slowly burning their armor up.

Kirovs are powerful, sturdy and good against structures, but slow and generally ineffective against fast moving ground targets and are very weak against air-to-air jets. If they use their special ability too long they will crash even without moving.


The Soviet navy is average in this game: powerful but not so versatile.


Amphibious anti Surface unit
RequirementsNaval Yard
AbilitiesTesla Surge
RoleAmphibious anti Surface unit
Build Time0:10
Damage typeTesla

Now! DO IT!


Experimental Tesla boats that can walk slowly on land. Their Tesla shots are lethal against infantry, and can severely damage vehicles despite their recharge rates. Their special ability is to perform a Tesla discharge, which electrifies water around the Stingray, damaging all enemy units. This temporarly immobilizes the Stingray however.

Stingray is quite respectable in power but it has weak armor. Its Tesla Coils smack down enemy Attack Dogs, Dolphins and War Bears, but they are not so good against enemy heavy navy (like Dreadnoughts). On land, they are much slower and they cannot use their special ability so it's better to take down the enemy with your other troops. Stingray can't fire aircraft so it's vulnerable to attack from the air.


Amphibious Anti Air APC
RequirementsWar Factory, Naval Yard
AbilitiesMan Cannon
RoleAmphibious Anti Air APC
Build Time0:10
Damage typeFlak

Mortar Transport open for business!


Bullfrogs are amphibious vehicles with mounted flak cannons effective against air targets. Their special ability is to launch infantry with their man-cannons at a distance, allowing them to traverse behind enemy defenses or over unpassable terrain.

Bullfrog, excellent anti-air and transport unit for cheap price. Its special ability isn't bad either. It unfortunately doesn't have ground defense and it can be easily destroyed. Use it in offensive or defensive.

Akula Sub[edit]

Advanced Anti Armor
RequirementsNaval Yard and Super Reactor
RoleAdvanced Anti Armor
Build Time0:20
Damage typeTorpedoes

"So much pressure!"


Heavily armed submarines that are as terrifying as a shark! Seriously, "Akula" (Акула) means "Shark" in Russian. These Akula Subs are capable of not being detected on enemy radar while being submerged, so they make excellent reconnaissance units for naval fights. Upon emerging, they are able to destroy most sea-based targets in a short amount of time. Their special ability is to launch two torpedoes dead-ahead which travel indefinitely until they find a target, dealing heavy damage to anything in contact. Be wary about having your own or a fellow allies' unit or structure in the direct path of the Ultratorpedoes, for they deal damage to anything in the way, friend or foe.

Akulas are great for hit-and-run guerrilla combat operations. Launch a few double torpedoes towards an enemy naval base and then run away. Stealth on radar makes it easier to escape, but Akulas are not the fastest units around so beware. The only drawback about the Akula is that it can only attack structures and other naval units (except for the Sea-Wing & Yari Mini Sub) while it is not submerged. Making it an easy target for enemy aircraft and other naval units to attack it. They are pretty vulnerable to Terror Drones too, so be observant over your Akulas, comrade!


Capital Ship
RequirementsNaval Yard and Battle Lab
AbilitiesSacrifice launchers
RoleCapital Ship
Build Time0:20
Damage type3 V4 Rocket launchers

If Lenin could see us now...


The Big Brothers of the Red Navy, the Dreadnought is a long range bombardment ship lethal against all ground and sea forces caught in its sight. Their special ability is to dramatically increase their rate of fire, at the cost of sustaining constant damage to their hulls.

Dreadnoughts are like Shogun Battleships or Aircraft Carriers, artillery ships. They can't fire close nor aircraft, so defend them with few Stingrays and Bullfrogs. Sacrifice Launchers are useful only when you have to take down enemy power/defenses or Construction Yard quickly.