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The Empire of the Rising Sun has some of the most flexible units and strategies in the game, able to counteract many of the tactics that opponents will throw at them. Though their early and mid game units costs more than their counterparts, they aren't all that durable. The Empire makes up for this through their superior ability to expand, their transforming units, and their superior navy.

General Strategies[edit]

  • Superior Scouting. The Burst Drone can scout much more effectively than the Soviet War Bear and the Allied Attack Dog, as they hover over the battlefield. The Soviets build their structures on the field, so you will have a general idea on what kind of units they are planning to produce. For late scouts, use Jet Tengus.
  • Make fast cash. If you have three or more Refineries before your opponent even have one, you're ruling the game. More money and fast building means more units, more successful attacks and more victories.
  • Counter. Plan a strategy early on, but keep your forces flexible enough to incorporate any changes. If you want to take to the seas with Tsunami Tanks, back them up with sufficient anti-air and anti-infantry, a great choice would be the Mecha/Jet Tengu.
  • Expand early. You can send a Refinery Core (escorted with Defender Core) to further expansions while you keep the enemy pressured with your forces. Remember to guard your Nano Cores (Chopper VXs are good).
  • Tankbuster their harvesters. If they can't get ore, they can't finance their bases or armies or expansion. Cut the money supply and you wield a devastating blow to their economy.
  • Mix it up! Imperial units have a relatively high cost because of their flexibility. If you spam Mecha/Jet Tengus, the opponent will simply counter with their tanks such as Hammer Tanks and Bullfrogs. But if you mix it up with Tankbusters and Imperial Warriors, you're more capable in dealing with threats from the air and the ground, including both infantry and armor.
  • Jet Tengus are the Empire's only good aircraft resistance. Don't spend too much cash on Defender-VXs, as they're less versatile and cause less damage than Tengus but they are more durable.


The Soviet War Machine has access to the most powerful Army in the world, and the best way to succeed against the Soviets is to exploit the weaknesses of their forces. Going head to head is not advised, but rather employ a series of assaults that will weather down the opponent. Use your flexibility to attack the Soviets from all sides. Tankbusters are a favorite unit against the Soviets, while Imperial Warriors are vastly superior when facing Conscripts.

Always keep a safe amount of credits to counter the Soviet strategy. Since the Soviets are known for their heavy firepower and brute force, hence, they will use V4 Rocket luanchers if you dare try to stop their MASSIVE ARMY assualts (tanks and infantry), it is their true strength of the Soviet Red Army, but King Onis and Wave Force Artillaries might be able to stop them in their tracks, but back them up with your swifter infantry and anti air as well, You could start using King Onis to Bull rush right through the Soviet Army, this really hurts them pretty bad, but don't be afraid to use hit and run tactics even you have to, if anything, they will use Kirov Airships that is heading to your base, so use your commando to take them down, twinblades and sickles are lethal to your infantry. Beware of desolator Airstrikes, the USSR is known for their Space Technology so always beware of that too, but watch out for Terror Drones, they are lethal to your economy and guard your nanocores from them as well.

If you are facing them out in sea, the Red bear is known for reforming his fleet with heavy armor, so always beware of an attack by deadly Stingrays and Akula Submarines, use your superior Navy to counter this attack, Yari mini-subs, Naginata Cruisers and Tsunami tanks and IF you did stop them in their tracks, they are hesitant to use their Dreadnoughts that is indeed nightmarish, but you could counter them with Shogun Battleships, but back your Superior Navy with Anti-Air, because they WILL use their deadly Air Force, Mecha/Jet Tengus and Rocket Angels are the best, while Sea-Wings shoot down any aircrafts to keep the skies clean.

  • The Soviet Red Army are restricted mainly by mobility. Attack from the seas or the air, as their units aren't as versatile.
  • Don't be afraid to engage a battle if you have to - as long as the cost to their economy outweighs yours, that's an advantage you can afford.
  • Soviets have no way of repairing their vehicles without Crusher Cranes or Garages, so guerrilla tactics against their armor early to mid game is important.


The Allied Nations have arguably the most Mightiest Air Force in the world, and pretty versatile units in the game, so the best way to succeed against the Allies is to keep them pressured and guessing. Always start off by producing Mecha/Jet Tengu to keep the Allied air at bay, as it is a favorite strategy against the Empire. Always look out for the special abilities of Allied units, as they have the most devastating.

  • The Imperial navy is vastly superior to the Allied fleet, take to the seas whenever possible, but remember to back your forces up with anti-air.
  • The Empire does not need a Construction Yard to churn out higher tier units unlike the Allies. Don't hesitate to move your MCV if your base or your Nano Cores can be threatened.
  • The Allies tech up slower than the Empire. Utilize this by forcing them to produce lower tier units by either rushing or harassing their economy or base.
  • The Allied navy is considered weak when going head to head with the Empire. They will rely primarily on their Air Force for support. Mecha/Jet Tengus and Sea/Sky Wings are valuable in assisting your superior naval forces.


The victor of a mirror is determined primarily on who does the basic strategies better. Keeping map control is the most effective way in dealing against other Empire opponents. Don't be afraid to allow them to expand, if you're focusing on teching, or vice versa. Throw everything you have at your advantage, while exploiting their disadvantages.

  • Map control is invaluable. Keep the opponent guessing on what you're planning.
  • Utilize your flexibility above your opponent. If they're taking advantage of their expansions, don't be afraid to put stress on their main base. As long as you have the pressure on them, you're guaranteed to win.
  • Victory by speed. Don't hesitate in your actions. If you're going to send in forces, make sure you've prepared beforehand to take out their Burst Drones, or have the appropriate units to follow up.

Advanced Tactics/Strategies[edit]

  • Empire units are versatile and most of them are amphibious directly or indirectly. So attack from to different sides, from land and from sea. This is quite efficient - when you have started attacking with ground units and keeping pressure, you ambush from the sea and wipe out enemy base.
  • Empire units tend to get promoted to Heroic (star) status faster than Allied and Soviet units. Use this to your advantage, as well as a reminder to do your best in keeping your forces alive. Heroic units often decide the outcome of a battle, so don't be afraid to harass the enemy and retreat, keeping them in their spot as well as taking out one or two with your fast, flexible units.
  • Emphasize your superior expansion abilities. Allies and Soviets tend to send Bears and Dogs to neutral structures to prevent your engineers from capturing them. Don't be afraid to send Dojo Cores early on (even before your first Refinery Cores), and garrison the nearby structures. Send out Defender VXs to cover your opponents base expansions if you can afford to. Spread your structures out, but make sure you're able to defend them, as it will take a longer time if you're being stressed from an attacking force.
  • Yuriko Omega is undoubtedly one of the best units in the game, and her advantages over the Allied and Soviet commandos make her one of the favorite units. She can take out aircraft unlike Tanya or Natasha, and with decent micro, an Empire player can juggle between 4 to 6 Apocalypse Tanks in the air, effectively taking them out of the battle.
  • Dojo Rush: You must be fast to make this work. Build two or three Dojo Cores and send them into your enemy's base. Deploy them in place where Ore Refineries are often built. Start making Imperial Warriors and Tankbusters (these are very good against enemy defenses). Build one Generator and deploy it so you have some power, then start to build your base and make some Mecha Tengus and VXs (six or seven would be enough). To ensure you have enough money, build three refineries of your own. Meanwhile, destroy enemy's base with your infantry. If you lose your Dojos and your infantry, then send your Mecha Tengus and VXs from your base and wipe out your enemy. Very usable in 1v1 early game.
  • Another great way of putting pressure on your enemy is by training a squadron of burst drones and sending them into the enemy base early in the game. This will provide you with information on the enemy's base, and the drones can be deployed upon your opponent's ore collectors. Use their self-destruct ability to destroy the his collectors and rapidly decrease their income. While doing this, keep training units, and move them in for the kill. If used against a rising sun opponent, deploy swarms of burst drones upon the enemy's nanocores, and if used right, you may move your army in for the kill before the enemy even builds a structure. Works great in 1v1.
  • Accompany sudden transports with shinobi to push back bears and dogs. Sometimes use smoke balls to evade tanks. (If to be attacked, release infantry from the transport to destroy the tanks, tankbusters suggested.)
  • On a big map build in this order as fast as possible: generator, dojo, generator, 2 refineries then maybe a mecha bay. When your dojo is built, make 3 scouts and an engineer. Use the burst drones to survey the enemy base and watch out for attacks. Send one in to see what actions the enemy is taking. Decide to either make the mecha bay or infantry. Burst Drones can help you later on in the game if you know when, where, and with what the enemy is attacking with. Don't rush with this tactic, it is defensive. However, you may end up with five refineries before the enemy even has three. Expand as fast as you can, and sacrifice a burst drone now and then to check up on his base. Tech up to Shogun Battleships or King Onis. This strategy is useful for 1v1s, 2v2s, and even FFAs.

Top Secret Protocols[edit]

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Sleeper Ambush: The best way to reinforce your armies in case there is no production structures. This ability causes 5 Tankbusters to rise from the ground and cause a ruckus in undefended areas.

Advanced Rocket Pods: Increases the effectiveness of any empire rockets, good for VXs, sea wings and rocket angles. Unless you have a serious ammount of tengus (10-20), these are a must if the enemy has enough MiGs or Apollos.

Final Squadron / Final Squadron X / Final Squadron Omega: 5-15 suicide planes, good for weakening an enemy because they attack on the way into thier base. Can be destroyed but will still crash and cause damage. The planes come from your base.

Balloon bombs: After an attack some buildings may be hanging on by a tiny amount of health. Use this to prevent the enemy from recovering.

Special Abilities[edit]

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Bull Rush: This deadly ability is the only means to make the King Oni crush smaller vehicles.

Ramming speeds: This Deadly Ability causes all Naval units to fear the Shogun Battleship thus forcing the enemy to send in aircraft after the Shogun Battleship.

Chopper mode/Striker mode: Something the enemy may do is bring in their high speed aircraft to destroy your airborne striker Vx units or fast moving ground forces. Make sure to use their transforming abilities to maximize unit casualties

Banzai Rush: The Imperial Warrior's Banzai Rush is a great way to eliminate enemy infantry, as your warriors will draw Beam Katanas, however, your warriors will need to get close to strike your opponents, it's also used in clearing garrisons.