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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Destroy the Allied Emissary and His Escort.
    2. Stop the Allied Counter-Offensive.
    3. Destroy the Vacuum Imploder before it fires.
    4. Destroy the Premier’s Volcano Fortress.
  • Opponents
    1. Bingham
    2. Cherdenko
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Zhana

Key Strategies[edit]

Build a good ambush force to ambush the allies.

Build a few Dreadnoughts, escorted by three or so Bullfrogs to protect them from air assaults.

The Allied Emissary will be arriving in an aircraft carrier use your Air and Naval units to ambush the allies.

The Allies will not relent on their counteroffensive so destroy their Armor facility, Airbase, Boot Camp, Seaport and Conyard to get them to retreat.

Beware of the deadly Tesla Tank. Use Apocalypse Tanks or use Natashas Pilot Snipe from long range to deal with this threat.

Destroy the Premier's War Factories. There are two War Factories to the far west of the map that are a part of the Premier’s war machine. These are not highlighted on the HUD map and can be easily overlooked. Destroy these two War Factories and you can then focus exclusively on countering air attacks and planning your own offensive strategy.

Build an armada. Build twelve Kirov Airships, eight MIGs and a few Twinblades and you can instantly vaporize the three vital structures located in the Premier’s Volcano Fortress.

In the middle of the map, is a dirt path. When you send Combat Engineers to take over the oil derricks, you can go ahead and have them build Battle Bunkers at the mouth of the road, one on each side. Put three Flak and two Conscripts in each, (or the four Flak and one Natasha combo is excellent as well). The benefits of these battle bunkers is that they are repairable. These two bunkers will allow you to hold off an incredible number of enemies coming down the pipe.

Early Strategy[edit]

The first objective is to destroy the Allied Emissary and His Escort. You will have five minutes to build up your forces before he arrives. This part will be relatively easy, just two Dreadnoughts is enough to take care of the forces in this escort.

While you are completing this part build an airfield and five or more twinblades.

Just be sure to build a Crane early on so you will have enough time to build two Ore Refineries, a War Factory, Naval Yard, Super Reactor and Battle Lab as soon as possible. Add some Flak Cannons and Tesla Coils for future use as you get the chance.

Now you can use the twinblade strategy or the one listed below. Commit your twinblades immediately to the northern part of the Allied island and destroy the power plants. Once they are destroyed the rocket launchers next to the Construction Yard will be offline. Then destroy the construction yard and the rocket launchers as well.

The next mission will be to stop the Allied Counter-Offensive. This too won’t be much of a problem. Just send a few Dreadnoughts, along with Bullfrogs for air cover to the west, and you can easily destroy their base from distance. If you want, pause a few moments to give a chance for your co-commander to aid in the battle.

Orbital Dump Suggestions[edit]

Orbital Dump Early Strategy: There are two allied forces in the ocean to the right side of the screen. Right when the 5 minutes are up, you will be cleared to ambush and attack. You can use orbital dump on them right away, and take out half their sea forces.

Orbital Dump against the Premier: When you face the premier, around the rim of the volcano, there are 3 sets of 2 oil derricks. Orbital drop in the middle of the 2 oil derricks and it will destroy both of them. Do this 3 times, and the premier will no longer have money.

Late Strategy[edit]

The allied base starts on an island to the west as a single construction yard surrounded by three air defense turrets. If you have three Twinblades sitting around, you can take out this base in about 90 seconds. First use an Orbital Dump on one air defense turret, then have your Twinblades attack the other two one at a time. You will end up with two or three Twinblades left, which will finish off the construction yard before anything of significance is built, completing the objective.

The next objective of destroying the Vacuum Imploder can pretty much be handled in the same manner. Simply send your veteran Dreadnoughts to the northeast, protecting them from air attacks with three or so Bullfrogs.

The next portion of this mission can be a bit tricky if you don't approach it from the right direction. Although the Easter Island-esque statues are highlighted in blue on the heads-up display, the two War Factories on the far west are not. Destroy these two War Factories and you can focus on defending yourself from air attacks, although a few land troops can still be parachuted into the battle arena.

One of these War Factories can be reached by a Dreadnought from the sea, but the other must be reached by air or land. Sending over a few Kirov Airships escorted by a few MiGs will work great. The volcanic fortress of the Premier can only be reached by air, so that’s easy enough. Build up a force of eight MIGs to counter the fierce air attack of the Premier and escort twelve or so Kirov Airships to the base and bomb them to hell. Add a few Twinblades in to help counter any remaining Bullfrogs in the region.

Mission accomplished!