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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Eliminate the Soviets in Brighton
    2. Hold Out Against the Incoming Soviets
    3. Repel the Soviet Navy
    4. Eliminate the Remaining Soviets
  • Bonus Objectives
    1. Garrison Four Civilian Structures
    2. Capture the Hospital
    3. Repair the Coastal Guns
    4. Train 5 Javelin Soldiers
    5. Build 5 Multigunner IFVs
  • New Units
    1. Peacekeeper
    2. Attack Dog
    3. Javelin Solder
    4. Multigunner IFV
  • Opponents
    1. Krukov
  • CO-Commander
    1. Giles

Key Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces the following units, the Attack Dog, the Peacekeeper, the Javelin Soldier and the Multigunner IFV.

Overall, this is a very easy mission – even on the hard setting – so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Capture the Anti Naval Guns and the Hospital with engineers.

That being said, be sure to keep your Javelins and at least five Multigunner IFVs in reserve near your base until the final air strike arrives. Unless upgraded with Peacekeepers, the Multigunner IFVs are highly susceptible to the Soviet Conscripts, who can shred them to pieces.

Your base -- and the mission -- will be lost if you don’t have your Multigunner IFVs ready when the final massive airstrike comes from the Kirov Airships. Upgrade them with Javelin troopers to make them even more effective.

If the Kirov Airships start to get the better of your forces, you can distract the Airships from attacking your base by running away from them with your IFVs. Garrisoning the civilian structures surrounding your base will also slow down the Soviet air offensive.

Part One[edit]

Soviet conscripts and war-bears are patrolling and vandalizing buildings in Brighton Beach. The player starts out with a handful of Peacekeepers and two Attack Dogs to take out the Soviet troops. After having cleared the area, the player gains control over a small base with an ore refinery and a barracks, and must defend against incoming Soviet paratroopers.

Use your Peacekeepers to take out the War-bears, who have paralyzed several Allied Peacekeepers, and the liberated Peacekeepers will join you. The stationary Conscripts firing cocktails at buildings rarely fire back, and can be freely attacked by either your soldiers or your dogs. The Attack Dogs are perfect for taking out the patrolling Soviets.

When you have cleared the area, an MCV will arrive and automatically unpack, and you will gain control over a small base. Train at least 20 Peacekeepers and use them to garrison the buildings just south of the base. Train some more Attack Dogs, Peacekeepers and an Engineer and send them down to the south-west side of the coastline (your co-commander will take care of the south-east side). Use the engineer to capture the hospital, which will cause your infantry to automatically heal. Leave your infantry by the dock to trap the incoming Soviet Paratroopers between them and your garrisoned buildings. You will need 2-4 engineers later, so start training them already.

Part Two[edit]

The enemy commander, General Krukov, sends in heavier forces. Stingrays, Conscripts and War-bears arrive along the coastline. The player is granted access to train Javelin soldiers. Eventually, Kirovs and Dreadnoughts are entering the battle, and the player is granted the ability to build Multigunner IFVs and Multigunner Turrets.

General Krukov starts sending heavy forces. Prepare to lose some of your infantry to Stingrays. If you don't have any engineers ready, train them now. Capture the coastal guns with your engineers to gain some great firepower. You are able to train Javelin soldiers now, so train lots of them and send them down to the dock as well. Using the Javelins' special ability can be advantageous when confronting Stingrays, but it would be wise to let some of them use their default weapon/ability, as the special ability causes a slight delay when attacking. Feel free to assist your co-commander if it's quiet on "your" side of the dock.

When General Krukov sends in Dreadnoughts and Kirov airships, start training Multigunner IFVs and - if needed - some additional Javelin soldiers. Man the IFVs with Javelins and send them down by the garrisoned buildings to take down the left-over Kirovs that your infantry at the dock hasn't managed to shoot down. Your coastal guns will take out the Dreadnoughts. You should be able to take out all the incoming forces without much effort, but if you don't have a lot of Javelin soldiers, the clusters of Kirovs can be a pain. This is where your Multigunner IFVs come in handy. You may need to scatter them and move them around, as the Kirovs tend to target them with their quite potent bombs.