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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Destroy Both Allied Forward Bases.
    2. Eliminate Krukov.
    3. Destroy the Allied Strategic Airbase
    4. Build an Expansion Base.
  • New Units
    1. Kirov Airship
  • Opponents
    1. Giles
    2. Krukov
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Oleg
    2. Krukov

Key Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces the Kirov Airship which can be used against the Allied Bases.

Commander Krukov will steal your funds about 5 minutes into the mission, so go on a spending spree as soon as possible, building as many units and structures as possible. A suggested building order is given below in the walkthrough.

Build a line of five Flak Cannons along your eastern perimeter. This will help alleviate the main threat to your base early on.

After another 12 minutes, it is discovered that Commander Krukov is a traitor, and you are tasked with eliminating him. It is only necessary to destroy the Soviet VIP Bunker and the Construction Yard. Do not destroy any other structures! The entire base will then be turned over to your control. Please note that there is a glitch on this mission preventing you from completing the optional objective after removing Krukov and maybe even after he is revealed as a traitor.

If you intend to complete the optional objective, you must clear out the Allied air base to the east, then plant a Sputnik between the two ore refineries. You must accomplish this before removing Krukov from the game. The easiest way to do this is with Dreadnoughts, and MiGs to defend against the Allied air units. A Sputnik cannot get to this area normally, so a Twinblade will have to pick the Sputnik up and land it in the area.

The easiest way to take out Krukov is while he is still a friendly, have an Engineer ready next to his Construction Yard and Natasha next to his Bunker. That way, as soon as you can take him out, you can send your Engineer to capture the ConYard and Natasha destroying the Bunker immediately. It's quick, takes little effort, and saves you a lot of troops.

It is only necessary to destroy the enemy structures that are highlighted by the green numbers, comprising Construction Yards, Airfields, Boot Camps and Naval Yards. These can all be destroyed by your Kirov Airships. You can add additional Airships to your command once you take over Commander Krukov's base by utilizing that Airfield.

Destroy the Proton Collider as fast as you can before it fires. You can easily achieve this by training 5 twinblades and moving them to the Proton collider by hugging the very right side of the map. You will meet no opposition when firing at the proton collider. It is advised you bring more backup like extra flak troops or carry a bullfrog.

Use the Dreadnoughts long range to clear a safe path for your Air Force through Anti Air enemies then deploy at least as many ground forces as you can on the Allied Bases.


In this mission you are about to crush Allied resistance in Europe. It also allows you to deal with a traitor.

Your first task has to be building strong static air defenses to deal with incoming Allied fighters and bombers from the north. Cover all your perimeter with Flak Cannons as well as some Tesla Towers and keep repairing them.

As soon as your barracks is up, start producing engineers to take over the various neutral buildings. Once you have secured the neutral buildings, build some base expansions around those buildings so you can add more static defense to the areas. Be careful with providing adequate power as the island is small for all those power facilities.

Once your defense is solid, your main focus should be to produce Dreadnought battleships and MiG fighters. One or two battleships are enough to completely destroy the enemy base as long as the MiG fighters can keep them safe and provide line of sight to targets.

In this mission you will also have to fight the General who comes into the the battle to help you. To quickly dispatch him, move Natasha to his base and keep her near his production facilities. **As soon as he turns, destroy both ore refineries and move fighters to kill his Kirov airships before they can do damage. Also move the Dreadnought battleships to clear most of his base.

(**Another strategy is to move Natasha next to his Kremlin building, (keep her on the east side so the turrets don't kill her) and move an Engineer next to his construction yard. As soon as he turns on you, have the Engineer take over the construction yard, and then sell it. Have Natasha call in an airstrike and destroy his Kremlin building and all the other forces including the ore refineries as well as the Kirov ships will become yours.)

While you are doing this, the Allied forces will be pestering you. They also have a big cannon that can cause considerable damage if fired.

Clear the right base entirely with two Dreadnoughts and some fighters. Kill the traitor General using Natasha to take out production and using the battleships to clean the area. Then send everything to the Allied cannon before it can fire. You can almost clean both Allied bases before you have deal with the traitor General. Be sure to capture any unused mining locations. The Twinblade Helos are excellent to move expansion building vehicles to immediately take over destroyed bases.

Alternate Strategy[edit]

You have limited time to utilize the massive funds entrusted to your care before being transferred to Commander Krukov. Here is a suggested building order that works quite well.

  1. Build a crane and place it in the back of your base as you build the first Flak Cannon as far east as possible.
  2. Build a Naval Yard and Airfield simultaneously while adding two more Flak Cannons to your eastern perimeter.
  3. Before you forget, queue up four MIG Fighters and then three Twinblades while also building up your naval fleet. Be sure to add a few Bullfrogs in the mix to eliminate aerial threats.
  4. Build a War Factory and Battle Lab simultaneously, while adding the fourth and fifth Flak Cannons to the eastern perimeter.
  5. Crank out a few units from your War Factory in case a few land-based units penetrate your base.
  6. If desired, build a Super Reactor and whatever structure you may want — perhaps a second Airfield for quicker construction of your Kirov Airshops later in the mission.

Once you have this accomplished, you should be well in control of this mission. Don't do anything too drastic to lose units while waiting to be informed that Commander Krukov is a traitor.

You can start making peremptory strikes on the Allied Airbase to your northeast and west. Don't forget to make use of Orbital Drop in attacking these Airbases.

Build a few Dreadnoughts, but don't get carried away, as you want to keep plenty of funds to build Kirov Airships once they are available.

If necessary, send over a Twinblade so you are able to visualize the Allied structures. Bombard these structures with your Dreadnoughts and Orbital Drop and they will be destroyed very quickly!

Once the north-eastern base is destroyed, head over to the west with a Dreadnought or two and easily take out the last remaining Allied structure to accomplish the first objective of destroying the Allied base.

Once it is announced that Commander Krukov is a traitor, build two or three Airships and head to the east to destroy the Soviet VIP Bunker (looks like the Kremlin) and the Construction Yard ONLY! Use your Dreadnoughts to destroy the Flak Cannons at the front of the base to lessen the damage inflicted on your Airships.

Once these two structures are destroyed, Commander Krukov's troops and structures will come under your control. Hopefully he will have a few Airships in his command for you to utilize against the Allies.

By this time, the Proton Collider is counting down and must be destroyed. Send your Airships in this direction, destroying all structures marked with the green 1 indicator along the way (if any are left.)

Keep cranking out Airships and continue to destroy all designated structures as you head to the north-west, culminating with the Naval Yard in the far north-west corner.

Mission accomplished!