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The Empire has swifter infantry than the Soviets and more mobile vehicles than the allies. The Empires air force do not need to reload at an airfield and to form air units transform the Mecha Tengu, Chopper VX and the Sea Wing to use aircraft.

The Empire is matchless at the Sea with their Battleships and their Naginata Cruisers.

The Empires units have weakness to however because most of their aircraft had to be built in large numbers to swarm their enemies because their aircraft has light armor and inferior firepower.


The Empire of the Rising Sun's infantry are about average - more powerful but less versatile compared to their mechanized units. For example: Tankbusters - they can bust tanks, but they cannot bust aircraft, as the name implies.

Burst Drone[edit]

RequirementsInstant Dojo
Build Time0:02
Damage typeNone

The main scout unit for the Empire, which can hover over the battlefield and detect disguised and hidden enemies. The Burst Drone can attach itself on enemy vehicles, slowing their movement. Their special ability is to activate a self-destruct timer that deals minor damage in a small radius.

These nasty drones are useful slowing down enemy aircraft and are good detectors. They are air units, and so are more effective at scouting than War Bears and Attack Dogs; however, they lack any useful attack.

Imperial Warrior[edit]

Anti Infantry/ Anti Garrison
RequirementsInstant Dojo
AbilitiesBanzai Charge
RoleAnti Infantry/ Anti Garrison
Build Time0:06
Damage typeGun and Katana


Imperial Warrior

Standard, fanatical, rifle-wielding Imperial infantry that are effective against other infantry units. Their special ability is to switch to melee using special katanas that can kill enemy infantry in one-slash, while granting increased movement. They can run into enemy garrisons, knocking infantry out.

These infantry are stronger but more expensive than Conscripts, and weaker but cheaper than Peacekeepers. Their Beam Katanas cannot break tanks and a Commando like Tanya will make mince meat out of these fanatical Samurai like Warriors.


RequirementsInstant Dojo
AbilitiesDive into the ground
RoleAnti Tank infantry
Build Time0:06
Damage typeLaser



Tankbuster lasers are effective against structures and enemy vehicles. Although they are unable to hit air unlike their Allied and Soviet counterparts, they make up for it with increased range and damage. Their special ability is to burrow in the ground, dramatically increasing their defense even against anti-infantry fire.

Tankbusters live up their name - they bust tanks. Unlike Javelins and Flak Troopers these troopers cannot attack aircraft and are not effective against infantry so support them with anti-infantry units. Their special ability is hard to use.

They are good for rushing, but Soviet sentry guns are strong against them. If you face sentries, get a Yuriko Omega or an air support co-commander.


RequirementsInstant Dojo
AbilitiesRun faster
Build Time0:05
Damage typeNone

The Empire Engineer can capture neutral or enemy structures, as well as repair your own. Their special ability is to sprint, granting them increased movement speed for 10 seconds, although they are exhausted and are unable to move for 5 seconds thereafter. However, if they reach a neutral building before the speed is lost, they will forgo the 5 second wait time and immediately capture the building as normal.

These units are unarmed and defenseless against most kinds of threats, especially anti-infantry fire.


RequirementsLevel 2 Instant Dojo
AbilitiesSmoke Bomb
Build Time0:10
Damage typeSniper

Shinobi are master assassins that can dispatch enemy units in one attack from a distance, as well as in melee range. They can enter enemy structures, causing various effects such as locking down or powering down enemy bases. Their special ability is to confuse the enemy with a smoke screen, allowing them time to take action.

Shinobi are like defended Spies without disguising and bribing ability. Although relatively short-ranged, they make their first shot quickly and can form lethal anti-infantry squads that can take down large numbers of foes, given at a large expense. Due to their inability to use any form of stealth, they are not as effective at sabotage as the Spy, and must rely on more brute-force methods to enter the enemy base.

Rocket Angel[edit]

Elite aerial shock trooper
RequirementsLevel 3 Instant Dojo
AbilitiesParalysis Whip
RoleElite aerial shock trooper
Build Time0:10
Damage typeRockets

What a bunch of losers!

Rocket Angel

Rocket Angels fly above the battlefield shooting down both enemy ground and air forces with their rocket pods. Their special ability is a Paralysis Whip that disables the movement and attack of any ground or sea unit, which acts as a toggle weapon similar to the Conscript's Molotov Cocktail and Peacekeeper's Riot Shield. They are the only flying infantry in RA3 besides the Burst Drone.

These women warriors fill the weakness of Tankbusters: anti-air firing. Rocket Angels Rockets do not fair well against infantry, although are quite powerful against all other targets. Like all aircraft, these woman warriors are vulnerable to anti-air units.

Yuriko Omega[edit]

RequirementsLevel 3 Instant Dojo
AbilitiesPsionic Scream
Build TimeUnknown
Damage typePsionics



Yuriko Omega is the Empire of the Rising Sun's commando unit, able to destroy almost everything with her mind. She can crush enemy vehicles while spinning them in the air, or pull down enemy aircraft from the sky by one thought. Her attacks do not deal solid damage, she takes the same time destroying a Construction Yard as with a Flak Cannon. Her special ability is a Psychic Scream that kills all infantry units, Terror Drones and Dolphins in a large radius around her.

Her Psychic Scream does not harm metal things like tanks and she is not effective fighting against 5 Riptide ACVs. She is vulnerable to Tesla coils and she does not kill things in one hit unlike Natasha. If she falls in battle the Advisor will not warn about her death so take good care of your Psionic Commando.


The Empire of the Rising Sun units are pretty versatile and have good offensive power. They unfortunately have quite weak armor and are expensive.

Mecha/Jet Tengu[edit]

Anti Infantry Robot/ Anti Air Jet
RequirementsMecha Bay
AbilitiesTransform and roll out
RoleAnti Infantry Robot/ Anti Air Jet
Build Time0:10
Damage typeAnti infantry and anti air Guns

Don't worry commander. These Mecha Tengus should handle anything the Soviets throw at us.


The Mecha Tengu is an amphibious anti-infantry unit. They can transform into the Jet Tengu, which is a fast anti-air aircraft.

The advantage of Jet Tengus over MiGs and Apollos is that Jet Tengus don't require an Airbase to restock their autocannon ammo, though Jet Tengu does less damage than MiGs or Apollos. Mecha/Jet Tengu has poor armor so it's easily annihilated by tanks or anti-air ground units.

Jet Tengus are powerful in numbers, despite having weak armor and can be supported with the Point Defense Drones protocol. They're cheaper than Apollo and MiG fighters. They only cost about 800 yen.

Sudden Transport[edit]

Someone has betrayed us!

Sudden Transport

RequirementsMecha Bay
Build Time0:05
Damage typeexplosive

Sudden Transports can disguise themselves as enemy vehicles, while transporting infantry across ground and sea. If the infantry exit the vehicle, the disguise is lost. If the transport is lost, it will explode killing anything around it and any infantry inside it. Always watch your distance when attacking these things.

Tsunami Tank[edit]

Anti Tank and Anti Ship
RequirementsMecha Bay at Tier 2
RoleAnti Tank and Anti Ship
Build Time0:10
Damage typeCannon

There is honor in death!

Tsunami Tank

The standard Imperial tanks are able to traverse on land and sea, dispatching enemy vehicles and they can crush infantry. Their special ability is to toggle a defensive shield, which increases their defenses and heals them, although they are unable to fire their weapons for the duration.

Tsunamis are weaker than Guardians or Hammers, but faster and amphibious. Nanodeflectors also increase speed a bit and prevent Terror Drones to get inside the tank. Tsunamis are destroyed by anti-tank or aircraft units

Striker/Chopper VX[edit]

RequirementsLevel 2 Mecha Bay
RoleTransforming Anti Air and Anti Surface
Build Time0:12
Damage typeAnti Air and Anti Surface Rockets

I'll need assistance!

Striker VX

On the ground, Striker VX are anti-air mobile walkers. They can transform into the Chopper VX, which is an anti-armor aircraft unit.

Advanced Rocket Launchers upgrade powers up this unit. Striker VX isn't as good as Jet Tengu but does his job. Chopper VXs are good in defense but bit too slow in attacks. Choppers do poor damage to infantry, so a bunch of Flak Troopers is end of the Chopper VX. It must be supported by the Skywing to kill infantry using the Empire air units against the ground forces, while Jet Tengus in great numbers can prevent all Apollos or MiG fighters from destroying all your air units.

Wave Force Artillery[edit]

Heavy Artillery
RequirementsLevel 3 Mecha Bay
AbilitiesDischarge their rate of fire
RoleHeavy Artillery
Build Time0:16
Damage typeWave Force cannon

Don't let those base defenses discourage you. The Emperor just granted you a gift.... The Wave Force Artillery. With it you will be able to bombard from a safe distance.


Long range bombardment units that can destroy enemy bases from afar. Their main form of attack is to charge up their Wave Force Cannons, which then shoot in a line, severely damaging anything caught in its line. Their special ability is to prematurely discharge their Cannons, dealing less damage although still lethal to infantry and light vehicles.

At 1600 credits, the wave-force mobile artillery units beats the Soviet V4 and the Allied Athena long range competitors in terms of accuracy, but the size and speed drawbacks that comes with makes it a perfect target for air attacks or fast attack units. Be sure they are heavily guarded at all times.

King Oni[edit]

Heavy walker
RequirementsLevel 3 Mecha Bay
AbilitiesBull Rush
RoleHeavy walker
Build Time0:20
Damage typeTwo laser Eyes

Who has awakened me?

King Oni

King Oni are destructive ground forces that rival the Soviet Apocalypse Tanks. They shoot lasers that are deadly to enemy vehicles. Their special ability is to bull rush a target location, crushing most units and even destroying structures in the wake.


The Apocalypse Tank (of equal cost) can paralyze the King Oni with its magnetic harpoon, meaning that King Oni are only adequate, at best, in a late-game armor battle against the Soviets. Additionally, the King Oni is largely ineffective against infantry, unless using the bull rush.

Ore Collector[edit]

AbilitiesSecurity System
RoleResource Gatherer
Build Time0:14
Damage typeGun

It's all safe.

Ore Collector

The Imperial Ore collector is able to toggle a defensive gun lethal to infantry units.


Any ore ferrying previously will be lost during the Gun mode configuration. Always attack these with the Guardian Tank or the Hammer Tanks leech beam.

Mobile Construction Vehicle[edit]

Securing permits.

Mobile Construction Vehicle

RequirementsMecha Bay
Build Time1:00
Damage typenone

Deploys into a Construction Yard, necessary for building up a base. They are extremely large, and are able to crush most vehicles save for Apocalypse Tanks and King Onis. They are completely unarmed and are therefore defenseless otherwise.

Shogun Executioner[edit]

AbilitiesOmega Shockwave
RoleDestructive Monster robot and King of all Robots
Build Time0:00
Damage type3 powerful blades

Commander, this is our new weapon, The Shogun Executioner, and you will use it to destroy the general's remaining forces!

Prince Tatsu

A tri-boddied walker wielding 3 giant beam katanas that can destroy any units with one hit or crush. The walker's special ability is to plunge all 3 of its katanas into the ground that makes destructive shockwaves that kill all in one hit. In addition, the unit feeds off of Tesla energy; thus, attacks by Tesla Coils, Tesla Troopers and Stingrays do nothing but regenerate the Executioner's health.

This unit is an Empire of the Rising Sun campaign exclusive unit so you won't see this walker in Skirmish, the Allied and Soviet Campaigns or Multiplayer.


The Shogun Executioner cannot attack aircraft except ramming into them. It also causes friendly fire when ramming into enemy units. its special ability takes way to long to recharge. And finally, the player loses the mission if the unit is destroyed.


The Imperial Navy is fast, versatile, balanced, powerful but expensive. There's a defensive hole in Imperial Navy - aircraft. Sea-Wing is Empire's only anti-air naval unit and it's easy to blow up, but watch out for Jet Tengus they may be weak in armor. But they are very cheap compared to allies and soviets counterpart and powerful in numbers of group and never runs out of ammo.

In naval battles, always use Fortified Fleet upgrade, because this really helps.

Radar Boat[edit]

Build Time0:00
Damage typenone

Radar Boats only appear in the Allied Campaign but these boats must be destroyed so the MCV reinforcements can arrive. These boats are often protected by Naginata Cruisers, Wave Force Towers, Defender VXs, and various infantry units.

These ships are unarmed with any sort of weapon so order Natasha to destroy it or order Tanya to blow it up.

Yari Mini-Sub[edit]

Anti Ship scout
RequirementsImperial Docks
AbilitiesLast Voyage
RoleAnti Ship scout
Build Time???
Damage typeTorpedo

We're taking you with us!

Yari Minisub

Yari Mini-Subs are fast moving submersibles that are able to deal heavy damage in masses. Their special ability is to kamikaze into a naval target and severely damage it. They are strong in numbers, but watch out for Stingray's special ability of releasing an electrical shock wave that is dangerous to the mini sub's weak armor.


Yaris are the naval scouts of the Imperial Navy and should only stick to that role. The notable kamikaze attack can also be nullified by torpedoes, or any form of naval weapons.

Sea/Sky Wing[edit]

Anti-infantry, Anti-air, Air
RequirementsLevel 2 Imperial Docks
AbilitiesTransform into Sky Wing or Sea Wing
RoleAnti-infantry, Anti-air, Air
Build Time0:11
Damage typeMissile, Gun

I've seen it all!

Sea Wing

Sea Wings are fast moving submersibles that emerge only to attack air units. They can transform into the Sky Wing, which are anti-infantry aircraft.


These Subs are not effective against most targets in Sky Wing form except against infantry and in Sea Wing Form these Subs cannot attack anything but aircraft and their rockets are weaker than the ones Multigunner IFVs use.

Naginata Cruiser[edit]

RequirementsLevel 2 Imperial Docks
RoleAnti Ship
Build Time0:18
Damage typeTorpedo

The Seas will be their graves!


Naginata Cruisers are tough ships that are effective against enemy naval units. Their special ability is launching a cone of torpedoes dead-ahead at a moderate distance, which spread out dealing extra damage to any unit or structure in contact.


These ships are not effective against aircraft nor tanks and their special ability causes friendly fire accidents.

Shogun Battleship[edit]

Capital Ship
RequirementsLevel 3 Imperial Docks
AbilitiesRamming speeds
RoleCapital Ship
Build Time0:22
Damage type6 Shirada Cannons

The day of the Shogun has arrived

Shogun Battleship

Shogun Battleships are long range bombardment vessels capable of destroying all land and naval units caught in its sights in a short amount of time. They have 3 Shirada cannons on the bow, and 3 on the aft, meaning they are able to fire more effectively when their targets are on the starboard or the port. Their special ability is a charge similar to the King Oni, where they ram their targets, destroying other naval vessels. Must be supported by the Skywing and Naginata Cruisers and be upgraded to fortified Fleet and Honorable discharge.


The slow speeds of the mighty shogun battleships are perfect prey for Imperial Burst Drones or Soviet Terror drones. All the commando units from all faction can easily devastate fleets of these monsters with excellent micromanagement, though a pre-ramming command may deter from such attacks.