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  • Objectives
    1. Get Natasha to the K-45 Launch Facility.
    2. Assist the Tesla Troopers.
    3. Rescue the Tesla Troopers.
    4. Await further orders in the field.
    5. Eliminate the Imperial Ambush Division.
  • New Units
    1. Sickle
    2. Tesla Trooper
    3. War Bear
  • Opponents
    1. Shinzo
  • CO-Commander
    1. Moskvin

Key Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces the Sickle, the War Bear, the Orbital Drop ability and the tesla trooper.

Don't attack masses of units head-on. You are not powerful enough. Use your Magnetic Satellite ability to thin out these vehicles.

Alternatively, move your forces around until Natasha maneuvers close enough to call in an air strike on these individual vehicles.

You can move the Magnetic Satellite beam, but it's a bit awkward. Use left click to deploy, left click again on the beam, then move your cursor over and right click in another area to make the beam move and destroy multiple vehicles. (click-click-right click)

You will be given an autosave once you reach the K-45 Launch Facility. This is a good thing!

Make sure Natasha follows you into battle by moving "all" of your forces. If you leave a single War Bear behind, she might be lazy and stay stationary. Move past certain areas with your units so Natasha will be close enough to enemy forces to engage them.

Natasha will speed up the conclusion of this mission by calling in air strikes if you move her close enough to enemy structures.

Beware of Yuriko Omega. She can defeat most enemies in a one on one fight.


Only Commander Moskvin will be in control of Natasha and many of the other units during this mission.

You will be in control of three Sickles, eventually a menagerie of War Bears, and four Tesla Troopers.

If all of the units under your command die, you will lose the mission, even though Natasha and other troops survive.

Jump over the river with the special Jump ability with your Sickles and rescue the War Bears. It's the right thing to do.

Before rescuing the Tesla Troopers, choose your Magnetic Satellite ability and destroy at least three of the vehicles to the north of your position by sweeping the beam from one location to the next.

Divert to the west and then the east to rescue a number of Tesla Troopers, four of which will be under your direct control.

Absolutely, positively do not make a kamikaze rush toward the vehicles to the north until the Magnetic Satellite ability recharges and you get rid of three more vehicles.

When you feel comfortable with the number of enemy vehicles left, attack them and divert due east to avoid all other enemy forces possible. Jump over the stream with your Sickles to avoid as many units as possible and then wait until the Magnetic Satellite recharges again before attacking the main base.

If you haven't done so already, upgrade to the Level 2 Magnetic Satellite. A larger beam will now be available for your use.

When the units are sufficiently thinned out, attack to the east and bring Natasha to the K-45 Launch Facility.

You receive a few additional units, but some of these can be immediately lost by an incoming air strike. You might want to move them as soon as possible.

Immediately destroy the Barracks (Instant Dojo) in front of your base with the Orbital Drop.

Start moving counter-clockwise around the map with all of your units until you reach the Instant Generator. Move past it a bit to be sure Natasha moves close enough to call in an air strike.

Keep moving counter-clockwise until the Imperial Ambush Division is met. Your forces should be able to handle this group.

Maneuver so that Natasha now calls in an air strike on the Con Yard. This factory may pick up and start running away. If it does, chase it down and shred it to pieces.

Mission accomplished!