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End of Tradition is the first Allied Mission in the Uprising

Phase 1: Escorting the MCV[edit]

A group of Multigunner IFV's, dogs and Javelin Soldiers need to protect the only MCV available in the area. After fighting groups of Tengus, VX's and Imperial Warriors, the group spotted the bridge. Unfortunately, An Archer Maiden destroyed the bridge. So they make way for the remaining bridge. Upon setting up shop, a pair of Harbinger Gunships will arrive.

Phase 2: Capturing the Dojos[edit]

With Shinzo mobilizing infantry everywhere, the Allies thought of capturing the Dojos. Prince Tatsu, who surrendered during the previous war, give the Commander a squad of Imperial Engineers. After capturing the Dojos, the commander will be given Archer Maidens to help.

Phase 3: Fire the Proton Collider[edit]

After receiving attacks from Shinzo's Loyalistv Forces, the commander has enough firepower to destroy Shinzo's Bases. Upon destroying a base near them, the Allies were given time to prepare an assault against Shinzo's house and base. Shinzo started attacking the commander's base. But it was repelled thanks to FutureTech's Gunships. With the Proton Collider fully charged, the commander fired it upon Shinzo's Mecha Bays and Barracks.

Freezing Shinzo[edit]

With Shinzo's army defeated, it is time to build Cryocopters and freeze Shinzo's house. However, Shinzo managed to escape. Along with a group of Tsunami Tanks, he disguised his Transport as one of it. But before to be able to escape, Shinzo's Transport was Cryo Freezed and was Chronosphered to a prison center in Guam.


With Shinzo down, the Allies plan to capture Rebel Shogun Kenji Tenzai in his Province.

Detailed guide[edit]

Phase 1[edit]

Garrison the buildings before the ramp and wait for the enemy waves to come. Move when the MVC moves again.

Phase 2[edit]

Using your new planes to destroy the bridges surrounding your island will be very helpful in minimizing the enemy harassment. Destroying the shipyard due east will make for an even easier time

The nearest north-western Dojo can easily be captured by paradropping a few engineer and Tanya nearby. Remember that engineers can keep your infantry healthy. From there, the barracks further west, near the hospital, are fully upgraded and can produce Yuriko if captured.

Yuriko is perfect for destroying (repaired) bridges

The far western base is relatively unprotected. The southern base has a power plant region, once destroyed will disable their defensive structure. Yuriko and Tanya alone can take this base after.

The main base will also have a power plant region far north of itself.