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  • Mission Objectives:
    1. Destroy the Allied MCVs
    2. Repair the Fortress Power Cores
    3. Protect the Fortress Power Cores
    4. Destroy the Allied Assault Force
  • Bonus Objective:
    1. Escort the Engineers to the Power Cores within 3 Minutes
  • New Units:
    1. Sea Wing
    2. Rocket Angel
  • Opponents
    1. Giles
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Naomi

Key Strategies[edit]

  • This mission introduces the Rocket Angel and the Sea Wing and their Abilities.
  • Use your rocket Angels to prevent the MCVs from escaping!
  • Keep the turrets on the Tortoise repairing throughout the game
  • Heal the power cores with an engineer if they get damaged
  • The toughest part of this mission is accomplishing the bonus objective of getting the engineers to the Power Cores within three minutes. The key is to attack the southern convoy of five Riptide ACVs when they first appear on the southern edge of the map with five of your Sky-Wings. You should be able to destroy three or four of them before they land and disgorge their troops. Then focus on the convoys coming through the center of the Fortress and keep those Engineers scooting!!
  • Defend your Shogun Battleships from the Cryocopters with a squad of five Mecha Tengus.
  • Don’t rush your Naginatas into battle with the Multigunner Turrets. Destroy them from a distance with your Shoguns.
  • The only serious threat to your Power Cores will be a fleet of Aircraft Carriers going around the northern edge of your base. It is still possible to win the mission if one of the Power Cores is lost.
  • The Allies Air Force is a formidable one so expect a fierce fight between them and your units.
  • Remember the Wave Force Tri-Gun can destroy an Aircraft Carrier in one blast but be sure the Tri Guns are protected from Aircraft and keep them repaired at all times.


Ducks in the Water[edit]

The first part is very simple. You have a force of two battleships, 4 or 5 cruisers, and within the first few minutes you are given 3 rocket angels. Your co-commander has a group of subs and other amphibious units.

The playing field is a solid stretch of open water with no land at all. Your objective is to sink all enemy MCVs attempting to pass through the area. There are about 4 or 5 collections of MCVs that pass through the area, and the majority are un-escorted by any offensive ships. So it's just target practice for your ships.

Near the end, an offensive force comes in from the east, but your ships should still make mincemeat of them without any noticeable losses. Use the rocket angels to paralyze a few enemy ships until your ships can sink them.

After all MCVs are destroyed, you will be tasked with another mission.

Tortoise Power[edit]

The next objective is to repair the two power cores on the Black Tortoise. You are given three rocket angels, 6 seawings, and two engineers. The seawings are fast, effective air-to-ground attack craft. The rocket angels are also effective in air-to-ground.

You begin with all your units in the water to the south of the Black Tortoise. Quickly select all of them and hotkey them to a number, then select just the engineers and give them a different number. Get everyone going north to the Tortoise. Direct the engineers to stop when they get to the top of the ocean ramp, and attack-move your wings and angels to the top as well.

There are four hotspots on the tortoise, where enemy infantry and armor are attacking. One is just up the ramp you use to board the Tortoise. The other is a little to the east, just southeast of the first power core (there are just a couple of infantry units here, not attacking). Another is northwest, by a row of ore factories, and the last is the second powercore to the northeast.

Your seawings and rocket angels will take out all of these with no trouble. You just have to make sure the path to the cores is clear for your engineers. I suggest you do the enemies at the top of the ramp, quickly get the couple of infantry units outside the first power core, then the enemies by the ore factories, then the units by the final power core.

While your air units are mopping up the first few bad guys, you can move the map to the ore factories and set them to repair to keep them from being destroyed until your forces can attack.

When you get your engineer to the final power core, they will both be at full power. That's when the enemy will attack in force.


The Black Tortoise is equipped with many gun emplacements which will fight for you and serve as an enemy target to occupy them and keep their attention away from your buildings and the power cores.

When your mission begins, the lack of power on the Tortoise has placed them all at half health. As soon as you have a moment, set them all to repair, especially the one on the northeast corner.

The longer they stay functional, the easier time your co-commander will have defending the Tortoise.

Power Savers[edit]

For this next battle, you receive a bunch of reinforcements at the southwest corner of the map. Your co-commander will tell you they will defend the tortoise, so that means you are on the offensive.

There are three enemy bases that have sprung up to menace the Tortoise. The first is a stones' throw away from your reinforcements, so there is no time to lose.

On the Tortoise, you have a dojo, mecha bay, docks, and 3 working ore factories (assuming none got destroyed in the previous battle). In your reinforcement group, you have an MCV, a generator core, a refinery core, and a mainframe core. Send the refinery core to set up on the Tortoise in an open spot (you have six total). Set up the other buildings right where they are. Don't worry about base defense, you won't be attacked.

Before you do anything else, set your docks to build two battleships, 6 cruisers, and 6 sea wings.

Your reinforcement group includes 8 Naginata cruisers and 2 Battleships. Bring your surviving sea wings and rocket angels down to join your group. Hotkey your battleships to one key, your cruisers to another. Your air units should already be hotkeyed.

It will take a little micromanagement, but you should be able to take out this enemy base without too much trouble. The basic strategy is to target the construction yard from long range with your battleships and final squadron, and keep your cruisers in front of them for defense. If the enemy bunches up, use your cruiser special attack to break them up. Destroy the construction yard first, or the enemy will keep erecting naval and air yards while you're destroying them. Take out the clusters of defense turrets from outside their range. Then swoop in and destroy everything else. If you want, you can capture the Allied Naval Yard and build a few hydrofoils to counter the Allied air threat, and also capture one or more of the airfields to build Apollo fighters to help defend the gun batteries and power cores

Once you take the base, erect two ore refineries at that location to keep your production going. You don't need to erect base defenses, you won't be attacked.

Taking Stock[edit]

Take a moment to assess how your co-commander is doing. If the power cores have taken a few shots, build two engineers and set them to enter each power core to repair them.

Also, take a status of your buildings. The enemy will probably have been bombing the hell out of the Tortoise, so set any damaged buildings to repair to keep from losing them.

Final Mop Up[edit]

All you need to finish up the mission is about 10 cruisers, 4 battleships, and whatever air units you have. Rocket angels and sea wings work about the same -- both usually get wiped out but keep the enemy air occupied until you destroy everything.

Four battleships can take out an enemy building usually in one salvo. Consolidate your forces, hotkeying the like units. Advance on the final two bases, destroying the construction yards quickly with final squadron and long range battleship strikes, next methodically taking out all unit producing structures, then everything else.

Mission accomplished!

Alternate Walkthrough[edit]

Note: Written for the hard setting.

A series of three missions, the first mission is an intro to the Rocket Angels and their Paralysis Whip ability. Assign each of the Angels a distinct hot key so they will paralyze three of the MCVs, while your two Shogun Battleships and five Naginata Cruisers blast them to the bottom of the ocean.

Toggle the Rocket Angels to combat mode when the Cryocopters appear on the scene. Very straight-forward mission.

The second mission is to repair the Fortress Power Cores utilizing the five Sky-Wings, three Rocket Angels and the two engineers. More engineers will be provided if either of these engineers are lost.

The toughest part of this mission is to accomplish the bonus objective of escorting the Engineers to the Power Cores within three minutes. This method works quite well.

Send the three Rocket Angels to the far eastern Power Core and set on aggressive mode. Forget about them and focus on your Sky-Wings and Engineers.

Send the two engineers to the southeast corner of the base so they will be in place to run for the Power Cores once the first southern attack is defeated.

Set the Sky-Wings with a hot key and place them on the southern section of the map below the southwest entrance to the base. Keep an eye on the HUD and immediately attack the convoy of five Riptide ACVs, destroying as many of them as possible before they reach the base and unload their infantry.

As soon as they are dispatched, send the two Engineers toward the first Power Core, capturing the first one.

While they are running over, start attacking the convoy coming through the center of the Fortress, focusing on the Attack Dogs which will target your Engineers.

Have the remaining engineer run toward the eastern Power Core, while giving it a secure escort with your Sky-Wings. You should be okay, but no guarantees. Congrats! That’s the hardest part of the mission!

The third portion of this mission is a great blast-fest. It’s hard not to have fun when you have Shogun Battleships blowing the Allies to smithereens.

Protect at least one of the Power Cores and destroy all Allied structures to complete the mission.

Take care of a few preliminaries before starting your attack on the far southern base. First, start building a squad of at least five Mecha Tengus. These will be essential in protecting your Shoguns from the multiple Cryocopters defending the southern base.

Move your MCV over to the Fortress and deploy it so you will have access to your special abilities. The Level II Final Squadron can almost take out a construction yard in one hit. Highly recommended.

Move your two Shogun Battleships and seven Naginatas to the front of your southern base, along with your Rocket Angels. Switch your Mecha Tengus to Jet Mode and fly them over to protect your Shoguns.

Deploy your Nanotech, Refinery and Reactor cores. You will be happy to find plenty of Ore Mines in the back of your base.

Build at least one additional Refinery Core to keep the funds rolling in.

An additional Defender Core to help defend your co-commander’s Mecha Bay will come in handy. Paratroopers will harass this center area of your base.

Although it’s possible to destroy all three Allied bases with the original naval units provided, it helps to beef up your forces a bit. Add a couple Shogun Battleships to your main attack force, and build a “backup fleet” of Naginatas and Shoguns to “chase down” Aircraft Carriers that harass the northern part of your base.

These Aircraft Carriers may destroy the northern Reactor Core and that will get your attention to move forces into this region before they finish the job on the southern core. You can cripple the Carriers with a Last Squadron strike, but you will need to move forces into this region “if” they get past your initial attack force.

Besides this distraction of possible Aircraft Carriers to the north, overall your co-commander does a pretty good job of defending the base and you can focus on attacking the southern, then middle, then northern base.

Take your time on the first base, attacking only with your Shoguns from a distance, destroying the Cryocopters that fly out to meet them with your Mecha Tengus. Destroy all incoming naval units with your Naginatas. Don’t waste your Naginatas going head-on with the Multigun Turrets. Take your time and destroy them with your Shoguns.

After this first base is destroyed, you shouldn’t run into any further Cryocopters, so the attack pace can speed up. Also, there are few, if any, Multigun Turrets at the middle and northern base, so your Naginata Cruisers can get heavy into the action.

Before you know it, all three bases have been demolished. It is not necessary to destroy all individual units, only the structures.

Mission accomplished!