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Battle Pike

The Battle Pike is a giant building shaped like a Seviper. The trainer needs to sign up for "The Battle Choice Challenge" and must choose three Pokémon. The trainer then enters a room with three curtains, and must choose one. One of the following events can occur (the order is organized by the luck choices):

  1. Fight One Trainer (Single Battle): A normal 3-on-3 single Pokémon battle.
  2. Double Battle: A tag team double Pokémon battle, made out by two NPC trainers with one Pokémon each.
  3. Fight a Tough Trainer (Hard Single Battle): This is said to be the unluckiest of the random choices. It's like (1) above, but the Pokémon are harder to beat. If you defeat the trainer, a Battle Pike worker will heal your team to full health.
  4. Wild Pokémon: You'll go through a very easy maze with wild Pokémon in it. The Pokémon possibilities are Milotic, Seviper, Breloom, Wobbuffet, Electrode, and Dusclops.
  5. Conditional Attack: A trainer's very timid Pokémon will attack one or more of your Pokémon with a move that causes a "Special Condition".
  6. Casual Coversation: A person that's in the room will not attack you at all. They'll just simply talk to you if you get their attention.
  7. Heal Some Pokémon: A trainer will heal one or two of your Pokémon to full health.
  8. Heal All Pokémon: This is indeed the luckiest of the random choices. A Battle Pike worker will heal your Pokémon team to full health. No battle required!

After the trainer overcomes a room, they must once again pick one of three curtains. A challenge is completed after fourteen rooms (seven choices).

In every other room (in each room with three curtains), an assistant will give the trainer an enigmatic hint to what is behind one of the curtains. The hints and the events that link to the hint are:

  • "A Trainer? I sense the presence of people...": (1) or (8)
  • "I seem to have heard something...": (2) or (6)
  • "Distinct aroma of Pokémon wafting around it...": (3) or (4)
  • "I felt a wave of nostalgia coming from it...": (5) or (7)
  • "A terrifying event, yes, a horrible one, is about to befall you...": All choices, Pike Queen appears. Choose a room in hopes to get your Pokémon are healed.
Frontier Brain Lucy

After completing four rounds (seven rooms each), the trainer will challenge the Pike Queen Lucy. If the trainer triumphs against her, she will award him/her with the Silver Luck Symbol. The trainer will challenge Lucy once again after winning 20 rounds (140 rooms). If the trainer defeats her, she will award him/her the Gold Luck Symbol.

Silver Symbol team
Gold Symbol team

Lucy's name resembles the word "lucky". Similarly, the Battle Pike is the structure that tests one's luck. Furthermore, both Lucy's appearance and the Battle Pike are designed after her lead Pokémon, Seviper.