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The E-Reader

The Battle E Cards are an addition to the Pokémon Franchise. These add an extra replayability to Pokémon, with thousands of Pokémon and attack combinations, as well as brand new Berries. Activate them using these steps:

  • After getting five Badges, go to the man next to the PC in the Petalburg Pokémon Center.
  • When he asks you for your Trainer Statement, say, "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING". This will activate Mystery Event in the Starting Menu.

There are 54 Cards in this set, nine cards in a pack, six packs in total. In each pack there are eight Trainers and one berry. The berry is a berry never seen before, replacing #43 Enigma Berry in stature and whenever you scan a new berry it is replaced. Here is a list of all the cards in the first set, and all the Missing bits in them:

ID Number Trainer Pkmn 1 Pkmn 2 Pkmn 3
B1/B6 Chilan Berry
B2/B6 Nutpea Berry
B3/B6 Pumkin Berry
B4/B6 Drash Berry
B5/B6 Eggant Berry
B6/B6 Strib Berry
01/48 Cool Trainer Devin Heracross Salamence Metagross
02/48 Ninja Boy Goro Electrode Ninjask Crobat
03/48 Tuba Sonya Claydol Chimecho Weezing
04/48 Gentleman Antonio Donphan Skarmory Houndoom
05/48 Pokéfan Alana Torkoal Dusclops Corsola
06/48 Picnicker Renee Castform Castform Castform
07/48 Lady Sophie Delcatty Luvdisc Kirlia
08/48 Beauty Fay Altaria Starmie Regice
09/48 Psychic Natasha Starmie Salamence Sceptile
10/48 Camper Patrick Xatu Ludicolo Flygon
11/48 Sailor Oscar Electrode Dodrio Gengar
12/48 Pokémaniac Tyler Walrein Pinsir Rhydon
13/48 Youngster Rudy Cascoon Silcoon Magikarp
14/48 Beauty Ellie Castform Koffing Chimecho
15/48 Pkmn Breeder Candice Magikarp Mudkip Duskull
16/48 Cool Trainer Belford Dusclops Crobat Registeel
17/48 Pkmn Ranger Clayton Flygon Rhydon Swampert
18/48 Triathlete Dustin Dodrio Manectric Linoone
19/48 Hiker Hugo Walrein Hariyama Grumpig
20/48 Youngster Jeffery Pinsir Ninetales Blastoise
21/48 Ruin Maniac Logan Wailord Armaldo Relicanth
22/48 Pokéfan Maggie Wynaut Whismur Pikachu
23/48 Pkmn Breeder Wilson Gloom Wurmple Clamperl
24/48 Ruin Maniac Zuril Flygon Whiscash Regirock
25/48 School Kid Mandy Altaria Breloom Slaking
26/48 Parasol Lady Sofia Kingdra Ludicolo Manectric
27/48 Lady Hillary Xatu Wobbuffet Houndoom
28/48 Guitarist Dominic Skarmory Wailord Exploud
29/48 Fisherman Bryce Lanturn Sharpedo Whiscash
30/48 Bug Maniac Irvin Beautifly Dustox Masquerain
31/48 Battle Girl Natalie Magikarp Lairon Shelgon
32/48 Expert Sandia Claydol Metagross Regice
33/48 Expert Marcus Skarmory Heracross Swampert
34/48 Cool Trainer Raquel Crawdaunt Electrode Blaziken
35/48 Blackbelt Tsutomu Zangoose Seviper Machamp
36/48 Pokéfan Justine Pikachu Golem Gengar
37/48 Pkmn Ranger Heather Machamp Tentacruel Sceptile
38/48 Psychic Judith Alakazam Kecleon Linoone
39/48 Collector Stuart Aggron Wailord Metagross
40/48 Pkmn Ranger Irazu Kingdra Hariyama Registeel
41/48 Picnicker Sandy Heracross Girafarig Skarmory
42/48 Swimmer Annie Machamp Magneton Blastoise
43/48 Hex Maniac Celina Dusclops Sableye Shedinja
44/48 Aroma Lady April Weezing Bellossom Tropius
45/48 Guitarist Hayden Electrode Solrock Shiftry
46/48 Psychic Griffin Banette Absol Dusclops
47/48 Pokéfan Kendall Plusle Minun Snorunt
48/48 Cool Traine Fuego Glalie Skarmory Regirock
ID Number Trainer Pkmn 1 Pkmn 2 Pkmn 3
Ruby Gentleman Nils Sableye Plusle Ludicolo
Sapphire Lady Astrid Mawile Minun Shiftry
001/P Dragon Tamer Craig Altaria Kingdra Shiny Salamence
002/P Ninja Boy Yasuo Nosepass Wobbuffet Weezing
003/P Pokéfan Darlene Luvdisc Skitty Pikachu
004/P Cool Trainer Mattego Sceptile Blaziken Swampert