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new Pokémon
Pokemon 052Meowth.pngMeowth

Pokemon 185Sudowoodo.pngSudowoodo
Pokemon 235Smeargle.pngSmeargle

The Battle Frontier is an island added in Pokémon Emerald that specializes in variations of Pokémon battling. After defeating the Elite Four and obtaining the National Pokédex, you need to obtain the Frontier Pass in order to roam freely around the Battle Frontier.

After winning at each of the Battle Frontier locations a certain amount of times, the trainer can fight the location's Leader (collectively known as "The Frontier Brains") for a chance to win silver and gold Battle Frontier badges. When the trainer defeats all of the leaders twice, the trainer gets special Berries and an extra star added to the Trainer's Card.

Battle Frontier challenges[edit]

There are seven challenges in the Battle Frontier, each of which have different rules.

Other Points of Interest[edit]

Artisan Cave[edit]

Entry room

The Artisan Cave is a long cave connecting one end of the Battle Frontier to the other. It starts near the Battle Palace and the exit is right next to the Battle Tower.

Artisan Cave

The cave is two levels high, contains a Rare Candy, and contains wild Smeargle, which are the only Pokémon you will encounter in that cave, and is also the only way to catch a Smeargle in gen 3 unless you can trade with Colosseum. Despite the rumors of a long-tailed Pokémon, there is no Legendary Pokémon here.


There is a house next to the Battle Tower. Inside, there is a trainer who wants to trade a Meowth for a Skitty. However, the trade should probably only be done if the player doesn't have access to FireRed or LeafGreen, due to the fact Skitty is rare in the games it is obtainable in, but Meowth is common in the games it is obtainable in.

Record Hall[edit]

The record hall contains all of the records that the trainer set at the Battle Frontier for each of the facilities. If the trainer mixes records with another Emerald, the trainer can also get the Battle Frontier records from the other game.

Catching Sudowoodo[edit]

A level 40 Sudowoodo is located in the southeast section of the Battle Frontier; like in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, if it is watered with the Wailmer Pail, it will attack. Be sure to save right before watering Sudowoodo. If you mess up, you can turn the game off and try again. Also save after catching it. This is the only way to catch Sudowoodo in the third generation (unless you import from Colosseum).

Move Tutors[edit]

In a house next to the Battle Dome, there are two move tutors. They will teach the trainer's Pokémon a selection of attacks for a price in Battle Points.

Right Tutor Battle Points
Defense Curl 16
Snore 24
Mud Slap 24
Swift 24
Icy Wind 24
Endure 48
Psych Up 48
Ice Punch 48
Thunder Punch 48
Fire Punch 48
Left Tutor Battle Points
Softboiled 16
Seismic Toss 24
Dream Eater 24
Mega Punch 24
Mega Kick 24
Body Slam 48
Rock Slide 48
Counter 48
Thunder Wave 48
Swords Dance 48

Betting house[edit]

After the trainer gets three Silver symbols from any facility, in the house under the Battle Pyramid, there will be four people. One of those is a Hiker, and if the trainer talks to him, he will say that he's looking for someone to go in ????? competition. If the trainer says yes to his request, he'll ask the trainer to give him 5, 10, or 15 battle points. If the trainer wins in whatever he was asked, the trainer will get double the battle points back. Below is a list of competitions he wants the trainer to enter. They will change every day, and go in the order below.

  1. Battle Tower Single
  2. Battle Tower Double
  3. Battle Tower Multi
  4. Battle Dome Single
  5. Battle Dome Double
  6. Battle Factory Single
  7. Battle Factory Double
  8. Battle Palace Single
  9. Battle Palace Double
  10. Battle Arena
  11. Battle Pike
  12. Battle Pyramid

Battle Frontier Shop[edit]

The Battle Frontier Shop sells various goods in exchange for Battle Points earned at other parts of the Battle Frontier. The trainer can purchase goods for the trainer's secret base, items for raising the statistics of the trainer's Pokémon, and items that the trainer can equip to the trainer's Pokémon.

Far left kiosk
Item Battle Points
Kiss Poster 16
Kiss Cushion 32
Smoochum Doll 32
Togepi Doll 48
Meowth Doll 48
Clefairy 48
Ditto Doll 48
Cyndaquil Doll 80
Chikorita Doll 80
Totodile Doll 80
Left Kiosk
Item Battle Points
Lapras Doll 128
Snorlax Doll 128
Venusaur Doll 256
Charizard Doll 256
Blastoise Doll 256
Right Kiosk
Item Battle Points
Protein 1
Calcium 1
Iron 1
Zinc 1
Carbos 1
HP Up 1
Far Right Kiosk
Item Battle Points
Leftovers 48
White Herb 48
Quick Claw 48
Mental Herb 48
Brightpowder 64
Choice Band 64
King's Rock 64
Focus Band 64
Scope Lens 64