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TM Ability How to obtain Price
01 Focus Punch Route 115 Free
02 Dragon Claw Meteor Falls Free
03 Water Pulse Beat the Sootopolis Gym Free
04 Calm Mind Beat the Mossdeep Gym Free
05 Roar From a trainer on Route 114 Free
06 Toxic Fiery Path Free
07 Hail Shoal Cave Free
08 Bulk Up Beat the Dewford Gym Free
09 Bullet Seed Route 104 Free
10 Hidden Power Fortree City, House/Slateport Town Free/3000
11 Sunny Day Scorched Slab on Route 120 Free
12 Taunt Beat the Trick House after beating the Fortree gym Free
13 Ice Beam Mauville Game Corner or Abandoned Ship 4000 Coins or Free
14 Blizzard Lillycove Dept Store 4F 5500
15 Hyper Beam Lillycove Dept Store 4F 5500
16 Light Screen Lillycove Dept Store 4F 3000
17 Protect Lillycove Dept Store 4F 3000
18 Rain Dance Abandoned Ship Free
19 Giga Drain A girl on Route 123 Show a Grass Pokémon
20 Safeguard Lillycove Dept Store 4F 3000
21 Frustration SW House, Pacifidlog Town Show an Unfriendly Pokémon
22 Solarbeam Northernmost pond in the Safari Zone Free
23 Iron Tail Meteor Falls Free
24 Thunderbolt Mauville Game Corner 4000 Coins
25 Thunder Lillycove Dept Store 4F 5500
26 Earthquake Seafloor Cavern Free
27 Return SW House Pacifidlog Town Show a Friendly Pokémon
28 Dig Fossil Maniac's House in Fallarbor Town Free
29 Psychic Mauville Game Corner 3500 Coins
30 Shadow Ball Mt. Pyre Free
31 Brick Break Sootopolis Town Free
32 Double Team Mauville Game Corner or Route 113 1500 Coins or Free
33 Reflect Lillycove Dept Store 4F 3000
34 Shock Wave Beat the Mauville Gym Free
35 Flamethrower Mauville Game Corner 4000 Coins
36 Sludge Bomb Dewford Hall Free
37 Sandstorm Southern end of the Desert Free
38 Fire Blast Lillycove Dept Store 4F 5500
39 Rock Tomb Beat the Rustboro Gym Free
40 Aerial Ace Beat the Fortree Gym Free
41 Torment Speak to the sailor inside the contest hall in Slateport Free
42 Facade Beat the Petalburg Gym Free
43 Secret Power Slateport Town or Route 111 3000 or Free
44 Rest House in Lillycove Free
45 Attract Verdanturf Town Free
46 Thief Slateport City's Oceanic Museum Free
47 Steel Wing From Steven Stone in Granite Cave Free
48 Skill Swap Mt. Pyre Free
49 Snatch S. S. Tidal Free
50 Overheat Beat the Lavaridge Gym Free