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Item Description Location
Acro Bike Rydel's Cycles in Mauville City
Claw Fossil In the Mirage Tower
Coin Case Give a Harbor Mail to the girl in the house left of the Poké Mart in Mauville City
Devon Goods Oceanic Museum
Devon Scope Fight the first hidden Kecleon and Steven will give it to you
Go Goggles Beat Flannery, get out of the Gym and May will give the Go Goggles
Good Rod The fisherman east of Mauville, just after the water
Itemfinder Beat May at Route 110
Letter Talk to the president of Devon Corporation after retrieving the stolen goods
Mach Bike Rydel's Cycles in Mauville City
Magma Emblem Mt. Pyre
Meteorite Meteor Falls
Old Rod Dewford Town
PokeBlock Case Slateport City in Contest Hall
Powder Bag
Rm.1 Key Abandoned Ship
Rm.2 Key Abandoned Ship
Rm.4 Key Abandoned Ship
Rm.6 Key Abandoned Ship
Root Fossil In the Mirage Tower
Scanner Abandoned Ship
Soot Sack The house in Route 113
S.S. Ticket Talk to Norman in your house after beating the Elite Four
Storage Key Abandoned Ship
Super Rod Mossdeep City
Underground Key
Wailmer Pail Pretty Petal Flower Shop