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Lilycove City

Despite the lack of a Pokémon Gym in Lilycove, the city still probably has more places of interest than any other location in Hoenn. In fact, more NPCs live here than anywhere else in the region, making it the de facto regional Capital.

Places of Interest[edit]

Contest Hall[edit]

Lilycove Contest Hall in Ruby & Sapphire

First things first, let's talk about the Contest Hall. In Ruby and Sapphire, this Contest Hall holds the highest rank of all contest halls in Hoenn - the Master Rank. In Emerald, it is actually the only contest hall in the region, and so hosts all ranks (the other halls were replaced by Battle Tents).

It can be found in the south of the city, below the Pokémon Center and west of the Cove Lily Motel. Due to the prestigious nature of the Hall, a lot of Lilycove residents are proud of having it at their doorstep. As for what's inside, there's four Berry Blenders for making Pokéblocks, as well as photo frames for winning Pokémon, painted by a skilled artist.

The player can even get their Pokémon painted by the artist, if they win the Master rank competition and score at least 800 points, where it can then be found in Lilycove Museum. See the section on the museum for more details.

Cove Lily Motel[edit]

Cove Lily motel in Emerald

The Cove Lily is a local motel in Lilycove City, located east of the Contest Hall. In Pokémon Emerald, Scott can be found here napping (though only before Team Aqua steals the submarine in Slateport City). Unfortunately, due to the fact that Team Aqua/Magma has set up shop outside Lilycove, the motel has been starved of customers, and is completely empty when the player visits it. However, after defeating the Hoenn Pokémon League, GameFreak staff can be found there - specifically, the Graphic Artist, Programmer, and Game Designer. The latter of those three will give the player the Poké Diploma upon completing the Hoenn Pokédex.

Lilycove Museum[edit]

Lilycove Museum in Emerald

Found in the north of the city, Lilycove Museum is home to paintings and statues alike, from any era. The ground floor houses statues (including a few replicas of real life statues), and a few paintings. It is here that classical artwork of Pokémon is displayed.

The 1st floor the special exhibit hall. It is here that your paintings from the contest hall will be displayed, and each painting will bring more people to the floor. Once 5 paintings have been collected (one for each Contest category), the floor's curator will gift the player a Glass Ornament to be used for their Secret Base.

Lilycove City Harbor[edit]

The wharf here is a large building near the sea on the southernmost extent of the city's headland, southwest of the Contest Hall. It is here that the player can catch the S.S. Tidal and travel to Slateport City and either the Battle Tower if in Ruby & Sapphire or the Battle Frontier if in Emerald.

Pokémon Trainer Fan Club[edit]

The fan club in Emerald

Found east of the Pokémon Center, Fans gather here to discuss popular Pokémon Trainers, Gym Leaders, and Hall of Fame participants. In fact, after the player becomes Hoenn's Champion, several members of the club announce themselves as fans of them. Some NPC characters the members are fans of include Norman, Glacia, Steven, and also the most recent people the player has mixed records with (see this link for details).

In order to increase or decrease the amount of members that are fans of the player, one must win or lose Link Battles with other people (two GameBoy Advances, two game cartridges, and one link cable are required).

The Move Deleter[edit]

The Move Deleter, east of the Lilycove Department Store, is the only one of his profession in Hoenn, and can be used to delete moves that can't be replaced by learning new moves. His services are completely free too, thanks to him always forgetting about you and assuming you're a new person every time. The only other place in Hoenn that allows your Pokémon to forget HM moves (e.g. Cut or Dive) is the Day Care near Mauville City.

In Emerald, it is impossible to delete the HM Surf from a Pokémon, unless the player has another Pokémon that knows it. In all 3 games, it is impossible to delete the move of a Pokémon if it is the only move it knows.

Lilycove Department Store[edit]

The store in Ruby & Sapphire

Now, you're probably wondering why Lilycove's PokéMart hasn't been mentioned yet. That is because it doesn't have one - instead, it has Lilycove Department Store, the largest store and one of the tallest buildings in Hoenn. Thanks the sheer size of its 6 floors (including the rooftop and the ground floor), it is more than deserving of its own section on the page. Note that the floors share the same design across all 3 games.

Ground Floor[edit]

Ground Floor

The ground floor contains two receptionists; the one on the left welcomes visitors, while the one on the right hosts the Pokémon Lottery Corner, with the winning number changing daily. In order to win, the number the player pulls must match any of the player's Pokémon's ID numbers, from the last digit to the first one. The prizes are as follows:

Prize Requirement
PKMN PPUp.pngPP Up Trainer ID matched last two digits
PKMN EXPShare.pngExp. Share Trainer ID matched last three digits
PKMN MaxRevive.pngMax Revive Trainer ID matched last four digits
PKMN Masterball.pngMaster Ball Trainer ID matched perfectly

1st Floor[edit]

1st Floor

The 1st floor caters to the basic needs of any Pokémon Trainer - potions, pokéballs, repels, etc. The cashier on the left sells Pokéballs and Heals, while the cashier on the right sells Potions and Repels. This is also the first time you can get a Max Potion , which heals your Pokémon to max health regardless of how much it currently has.

Left Cashier
PKMN Pokéball.pngPokéBall Pokebuck.png200
PKMN GreatBall.pngGreat Ball Pokebuck.png600
PKMN UltraBall.pngUltra Ball Pokebuck.png1200
PKMN EscapeRope.pngEscape Rope Pokebuck.png550
PKMN FullHeal.pngFull Heal Pokebuck.png600
PKMN Antidote.pngAntidote Pokebuck.png100
PKMN ParlyzHeal.pngParalyze Heal Pokebuck.png200
PKMN BurnHeal.pngBurn Heal Pokebuck.png250
PKMN IceHeal.pngIce Heal Pokebuck.png250
PKMN Awakening.pngAwakening Pokebuck.png250
PKMN FluffyTail.pngFluffy Tail Pokebuck.png1000
Right Cashier
PKMN Potion.pngPotion Pokebuck.png300
PKMN SuperPotion.pngSuper Potion Pokebuck.png700
PKMN HyperPotion.pngHyper Potion Pokebuck.png1200
PKMN MaxPotion.pngMax Potion Pokebuck.png2500
PKMN Revive.pngRevive Pokebuck.png1500
PKMN Repel.pngRepel Pokebuck.png500
PKMN SuperRepel.pngSuper Repel Pokebuck.png500
PKMN MaxRepel.pngMax Repel Pokebuck.png700
PKMN WaveMail.pngWave Mail Pokebuck.png50
PKMN MechMail.pngMech Mail Pokebuck.png50

2nd Floor[edit]

2nd Floor

The 2nd Floor sells stat raising items. The left cashier sells nutrients (Iron, Zinc, etc.), while the right cashier sells pills (X Attack, X Accuracy, etc.)

Left Cashier
PKMN Protein.pngProtein Pokebuck.png9800
PKMN Calcium.pngCalcium Pokebuck.png9800
PKMN Iron.pngIron Pokebuck.png9800
PKMN Carbos.pngCarbos Pokebuck.png9800
PKMN HPUp.pngHP Up Pokebuck.png9800
Right Cashier
PKMN XSpeed.pngX Speed Pokebuck.png350
PKMN XSpecial.pngX Special Pokebuck.png350
PKMN XAttack.pngX Attack Pokebuck.png500
PKMN XDefense.pngX Defense Pokebuck.png550
PKMN DireHit.pngDire Hit Pokebuck.png650
PKMN GuardSpec.pngGuard Spec. Pokebuck.png700
PKMN XAccuracy.pngX Accuracy Pokebuck.png950

3rd Floor[edit]

3rd Floor

This floor sells TM, most of which can't be found anywhere else. The left cashier has Offensive TMs, while the right cashier has Defensive TMs.

Left Cashier
PKMN TMFire.pngFire Blast Pokebuck.png5500
PKMN TMElectric.pngThunder Pokebuck.png5500
PKMN TMIce.pngBlizzard Pokebuck.png5500
PKMN TMNormal.pngHyper Beam Pokebuck.png7500
Right Cashier
PKMN TMNormal.pngProtect Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN TMNormal.pngSafeguard Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN TMPsychic.pngReflect Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN TMPsychic.pngLight Screen Pokebuck.png3000

4th Floor[edit]

4th Floor

The 4th floor sells furniture for secret bases. The cashiers below are numbered from left to right.

Cashier 1
PKMN PichuDoll.pngPichu Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN PikachuDoll.pngPikachu Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN MarillDoll.pngMarill Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN JigglypuffDoll.pngJigglypuff Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN DuskullDoll.pngDuskull Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN WynautDoll.pngWynaut Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN BaltoyDoll.pngBaltoy Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN KecleonDoll.pngKecleon Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN AzurillDoll.pngAzurill Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN SkittyDoll.pngSkitty Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN SwabluDoll.pngSwablu Doll Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN GulpinDoll.pngGulpin Doll Pokebuck.png3000
Cashier 2
PKMN PikaCushion.pngPika Cushion Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN RoundCushion.pngRound Cushion Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN ZigzagCushion.pngZigzag Cushion Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN SpinCushion.pngSpin Cushion Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN DiamondCushion.pngDiamond Cushion Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN BallCushion.pngBallCushion Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN GrassCushion.pngGrass Cushion Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN FireCushion.pngFire Cushion Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN WaterCushion.pngWater Cushion Pokebuck.png2000
Cashier 3
PKMN BallPoster.pngBall Poster Pokebuck.png1000
PKMN GreenPoster.pngGreen Poster Pokebuck.png1000
PKMN RedPoster.pngRed Poster Pokebuck.png1000
PKMN BluePoster.pngBlue Poster Pokebuck.png1000
PKMN CutePoster.pngCute Poster Pokebuck.png1000
PKMN PikaPoster.pngPika Poster Pokebuck.png1500
PKMN LongPoster.pngLong Poster Pokebuck.png1500
PKMN SeaPoster.pngSea Poster Pokebuck.png1500
PKMN SkyPoster.pngSky Poster Pokebuck.png1500
Cashier 4
PKMN GlitterMat.pngGlitter Mat Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN JumpMat.pngJump Mat Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN SpinMat.pngSpin Mat Pokebuck.png2000
PKMN SurfMat.pngSurf Mat Pokebuck.png4000
PKMN ThunderMat.pngThunder Mat Pokebuck.png4000
PKMN FireBlastMat.pngFire Blast Mat Pokebuck.png4000
PKMN PowderSnowMat.pngPowder Snow Mat Pokebuck.png4000
PKMN AttractMat.pngAttract Mat Pokebuck.png4000
PKMN FissureMat.pngFissure Mat Pokebuck.png4000
PKMN SpikesMat.pngSpikes Mat Pokebuck.png4000


The Roof

The rooftop has a couple of vending machines you can buy drinks from, and not much else. Though if you return after defeating the Elite Four, then there is a rare chance for the Department Store to hold a rooftop sale here. Many of the items here are exclusive to this sale, so make sure to check here regularly after becoming the champ!

Vending Machine
PKMN FreshWater.pngFresh Water Pokebuck.png200
PKMN SodaPop.pngSoda Pop Pokebuck.png300
PKMN Lemonade.pngLemonade Pokebuck.png350
Rooftop Sale
PKMN Ornaments Mudball.pngMud Ball Pokebuck.png200
PKMN Ornaments FenceLength.pngFence Length Pokebuck.png500
PKMN Ornaments FenceWidth.pngFence Width Pokebuck.png500
PKMN Ornaments Tire.pngTire Pokebuck.png800
PKMN Ornaments BreakableDoor.pngBreakable Door Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN Ornaments SolidBoard.pngSolid Board Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN Ornaments SandOrnament.pngSand Ornament Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN Ornaments TV.pngTV Pokebuck.png3000
PKMN Ornaments CuteTV.pngCute TV Pokebuck.png4000
PKMN Ornaments RoundTV.pngRound TV Pokebuck.png4000
PKMN Ornaments Stand.pngStand Pokebuck.png7000
PKMN Ornaments Slide.pngSlide Pokebuck.png8000
PKMN WailmerDoll.pngWailmer Doll Pokebuck.png10000
PKMN RhydonDoll.pngRhydon Doll Pokebuck.png10000


  • TM44 Rest - From a man in the easternmost house.
  • Max Repel - By the monument overlooking the ocean.
  • PP Up - On the rock west of the entrance to the villainous team's hideout, and not adjacent to any others (Hidden)
  • Poké Ball - On the rock in the southeasternmost corner of the beach (Hidden)
  • Heart Scale - On a rock at the westernmost edge of the beach (Hidden)

The Berry Man[edit]

In the northeastern part of the city, you can find a Gentleman who will give you a random berry every day, from the following:

Contest Hall items[edit]

The following items can be found in the contest hall:

  • PokéBlock Case - From the left receptionist
  • Luxury Ball - Prize for winning a Contest with a Pokémon that has won a Master Rank contest before and already has a Ribbon of the won category or rank

The Final Rival Battle[edit]

When you go near the Department Store, Brendan/May will come out to you for a battle. This is is the final battle against them in the game, and they'll return to Littleroot Town after your defeat them. This is also when they're at their strongest, so be ready!

In Ruby and Sapphire[edit]

Sprite PKMN Trainer Brendan/May 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Rewards
PKMN RubySapphire TrainerBrendan.png
PKMN RubySapphire TrainerMay.png
If the player chose Treecko: Pokemon 277Swellow.pngSwellow (lvl. 31) Pokemon 320Wailmer.pngWailmer (lvl. 32) Pokemon 285Shroomish.pngShroomish (lvl. 32) Pokemon 256Combusken.pngCombusken (lvl. 34) Pokebuck.png2040
If the player chose Torchic: Pokemon 277Swellow.pngSwellow (lvl. 31) Pokemon 285Shroomish.pngShroomish (lvl. 32) Pokemon 322Numel.pngNumel (lvl. 32) Pokemon 259Marshtomp.pngMarshtomp (lvl. 34)
If the player chose Mudkip: Pokemon 277Swellow.pngSwellow (lvl. 31) Pokemon 322Numel.pngNumel (lvl. 32) Pokemon 320Wailmer.pngWailmer (lvl. 32) Pokemon 253Grovyle.pngGrovyle (lvl. 34)

All of your rival's Pokémon are over level 30 at this point, but not quite so high enough for them to have a final evolution starter. They will always have a Swellow, so let's start with that.

Swellow is level 31, and holds the ability Guts, which increases it's Attack by 50% if afflicted with a status condition (this negates the lowering effects of Burn). As for moves, it has Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Endeavor, and Double Team.

If the rival doesn't have Grovyle, then Shroomish is their grass type, at level 32. Its ability is Effect Spore, which has a 10% chance that the attacking Pokémon will be poisoned, paralyzed, or fallen asleep, but only if the enemy uses a move that makes contact with Shroomish. For moves, it has Headbutt, Poison Powder, Leech Seed, and Mega Drain.

If your rival doesn't have Marshtomp, then they'll have Wailmer. At level 32, it holds the ability Water Veil, which instantly heals the Pokémon of any Burn status condition. As for moves, Wailmer has Mist, Astonish, Water Pulse, and Whirlpool.

And if your rival doesn't have Combusken, then they'll have Numel. At level 32, it holds the ability Oblivious, which negates the affects of any Pokémon that tries to infatuate it. Its moves are Amnesia, Magnitude, Focus Energy, and Take Down.

As for their starters, all are level 34, and all have some ability that increases the power of moves that are their main type by 50% if they are under 33% health remaining (Blaze, Torrent, and Overgrow). As for moves, they are as follows:

Combusken has the moves Double Kick, Bulk Up, Sand Attack, and Peck.
Marshtomp has the moves Mud Shot, Mud Sport, Foresight, and Take Down.
Grovyle has the moves Leaf Blade, Screech, Fury Cutter, and Pursuit.

In Emerald[edit]

Sprite PKMN Trainer Brendan/May 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Rewards
PKMN Emerald TrainerBrendan.png
PKMN Emerald TrainerMay.png
If the player chose Treecko: Pokemon 357Tropius.pngTropius (lvl. 31) Pokemon 279Pelipper.pngPelipper (lvl. 32) Pokemon 272Ludicolo.pngLudicolo (lvl. 32) Pokemon 256Combusken.pngCombusken (lvl. 34) Pokebuck.png2040
If the player chose Torchic: Pokemon 357Tropius.pngTropius (lvl. 31) Pokemon 272Ludicolo.pngLudicolo (lvl. 32) Pokemon 218Slugma.pngSlugma (lvl. 32) Pokemon 259Marshtomp.pngMarshtomp (lvl. 34)
If the player chose Mudkip: Pokemon 357Tropius.pngTropius (lvl. 31) Pokemon 218Slugma.pngSlugma (lvl. 32) Pokemon 279Pelipper.pngPelipper (lvl. 32) Pokemon 253Grovyle.pngGrovyle (lvl. 34)

In Pokémon Emerald, the rival's team is almost complete different. The Only exception is the starters, who are the same as in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, so they won't be covered again.

Swellow has instead been replaced by Tropius, at level 31. Its ability is Chlorophyll, which heals Tropius if the arena is sunny. For moves, it has Stomp, Sweet Scent, Whirlwind, and Magical Leaf.

Shroomish has been replaced with Ludicolo, at level 32. Its ability is Swift Swim, which doubles the Speed stat of Ludicolo while its raining. Its moves are Astonish, Growl, Absorb, and Nature Power.

Wailmer has been replaced with Pelipper, at level 32. Its ability is Keen Eye, which prevents accuracy loss. As for moves, it has Wing Attack, Supersonic, Mist, and Protect.

Numel has been replaced by Slugma, at level 32. Its ability is Magma Armor, which negates any and all freezing effects on Slugma. Its moves are Ember, Rock Throw, Harden, and Amnesia.

Pokémon Found[edit]

Ruby, Sapphire, & Emerald Level Encounter Rate
Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool 5-35 60%
Pokemon 278Wingull.pngWingull 10-30 35%
Pokemon 279Pelipper.pngPelipper 25-30 5%
Old Rod
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5-10 70%
Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool 5-10 30%
Good Rod
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 10-30 60%
Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool 10-30 20%
Pokemon 320Wailmer.pngWailmer 10-30 20%
Super Rod
Pokemon 320Wailmer.pngWailmer 20-45 100%