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Many wild Pokémon hold items, some are rare (R) and others very rare (VR). The exact percentages of Rare and Very Rare are uncertain, however. Here is a list of the items:

No. Pokémon Item Rarity
039 Abra Twistedspoon VR
070 Aron Hard Stone VR
187 Bagon Dragon Scale VR
147 Banette Spell Tag VR
119 Cacnea Poison Barb VR
181 Chinchou Yellow Shard VR
176 Clamperl Blue Shard VR
180 Corsola Red Shard VR
093 Dodrio Sharp Beak VR
092 Doduo Sharp Beak VR
149 Dusclops Spell Tag VR
148 Duskull Spell Tag VR
057 Geodude Everstone VR
164 Girafarig Persim Berry VR
058 Graveler Everstone VR
106 Grimer Nugget VR
095 Gulpin Big Pearl VR
049 Hariyama King's Rock VR
184 Horsea Dragon Scale VR
145 Kecleon Persim Berry VR
108 Koffing Smoke Ball VR
071 Lairon Hard Stone VR
013 Linoone Oran Berry R
013 Linoone Sitrus Berry VR
046 Loudred Chesto Berry VR
125 Lunatone Moon Stone VR
183 Luvdisc Heart Scale R
082 Magnemite Metal Coat VR
083 Magneton Metal Coat VR
101 Numel Rawst Berry R
156 Pikachu Oran Berry R
156 Pikachu Light Ball VR
010 Poochyena Pecha Berry VR
179 Relicanth Green Shard VR
094 Roselia Poison Barb VR
112 Sandshrew Quick Claw VR
146 Shuppet Spell Tag VR
061 Skitty Leppa Berry VR
126 Solrock Sun Stone VR
114 Spinda Chesto Berry VR
143 Staryu Stardust R
143 Staryu Star Piece VR
116 Trapinch Soft Sand VR
153 Vulpix Rawst Berry R
045 Whismur Chesto Berry VR
012 Zigzagoon Oran Berry VR