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The Menu appears on the right side of the screen when you press Start button any time outside battle. Below is a list of parts of a fully unlocked menu.

  • Pokédex: Allows you to view in-depth information on all of the Pokémon you have seen. They are found in order of their designated number.
    • Page: Page has picture of that Pokémon that includes weight, height, and a description. If a Pokémon isn't captured, an Oly picture is seen.
    • Area: Area is where you can capture the Pokémon
    • Cry: Cry represents the sound the Pokémon makes. No use in game, just for fun.
    • Size: Size shows size of the Pokémon in relation to you.
  • Pokémon: Brings you to a visual list of the up-to six Pokémon you currently carry with their leftover HP before fainting, status and picture.
  • Bag: Has all items you own. Its five pouches are Items, Poké Balls, TMs & HMs, Berries, and Key Items.
  • Pokénav (Pokémon Navigator): Serves three purposes. Once selected, you have the option to view the Hoenn Map, see condition of your Pokémon (contest related statistics only), or see trainers fought so far.
  • Your Name: A card with your Playtime, badges, number of Pokémon caught and money owned.
  • Save: Save game any time outside battle.
  • Options: Change text speed, sound here.
  • Exit: Close the menu.