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Route 112 contains the fiery path, it also contains a cable car that can carry players to and from Mt.Chimney. Other than that..there's nothing much to do around here. There are a few trainers that you can battle here. And there are also 3 poké mon that belong here: Machop, Marill, and Numel.


Pokémon found (Grass)
Sapphire Encounter Rate Ruby Encounter Rate Emerald Encounter Rate
Pokemon 322Numel.pngNumel 75% Pokemon 322Numel.pngNumel 75% Pokemon 322Numel.pngNumel 75%
Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop 25% Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop 25% Pokemon 183Marill.pngMarill 25%


Camper Larry
Picknicker Carol
Hiker Trent
Hiker Brice
  • Numel (lvl. 17, 339 EXP)
  • Machop (lvl. 18, 339 EXP)
  • 720Pokebuck.png