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New Pokémon
Ruby Sapphire Emerald
Pokemon 027Sandshrew.pngSandshrew

Pokemon 227Skarmory.pngSkarmory
Pokemon 327Spinda.pngSpinda

Pokemon 227Skarmory.pngSkarmory

Pokemon 327Spinda.pngSpinda

When you first enter here, you might think that it's snowing, but it's not. It's actually ash that's falling from the sky... Don't worry, it's not going to do anything to you and your Pokémon.

Also on this route, there is a house that serves as a Factory for multiple flutes, each with different effects, depending on the flute. You are able to get all these flutes for free...but there's a catch. In order to create the flutes, you'll need to walk a certain amount of steps in the soot-covered grass, once you get the "Soot Sack"... but that's explained later...

Pokémon Found[edit]

Pokémon found (grass)
Ruby Encounter Rate Sapphire Encounter Rate Emerald Encounter Rate
Pokemon 327Spinda.pngSpinda 70% Pokemon 327Spinda.pngSpinda 70% Pokemon 327Spinda.pngSpinda 70%
Pokemon 027Sandshrew.pngSandshrew 25% Pokemon 027Sandshrew.pngSandshrew 25% Pokemon 218Slugma.pngSlugma 25%
Pokemon 227Skarmory.pngSkarmory 5% Pokemon 227Skarmory.pngSkarmory 5% Pokemon 227Skarmory.pngSkarmory 5%


PRS&E Route 113.png

Trainers Found[edit]

PRS&E Youngster.png
  • Youngster Neal

Head north and talk to the trainer hiding in ash.

PRS&E Ninja Boy.png

Leap off of the cliff to the east and collect a Super Repel. Then go west again.

PRS&E Parasol Lady.png
  • Parasol Lady Madeline
    • Numel (lvl. 20, 376 EXP)
    • Pokebuck.png800

PRS&E Twins.png
  • Twins Tori & Tia
    • Whismur (lvl. 20, 290 (in total) EXP)
    • Whismur (lvl. 20, 290 (in total) EXP)

Collect a Max Ether near the rock formation, then hop off the ledge and move west. You'll arrive at the shop. Before heading in, battle the kid hiding in ash.

PRS&E Ninja Boy.png
  • Ninja Boy Lung

Head west, leaping off the cliff to reach TM32 (Double Team). Then move south and face a trainer.

PRS&E Youngster.png
  • Youngster Dillon
    • Aron (lvl. 20, 411 EXP)
    • Pokebuck.png320

The Flute Factory[edit]

Inside the shop, the owner will give you a Soot Sack. The idea is to walk around in ash to get adequate soot. To get it, go through the gray grass, turning it green. Grab the required amount of soot to get these things:

  • Blue Flute (awakens sleeping Pokémon): 250 Steps
  • Yellow Flute (snaps Pokémon out of confusion): 500 Steps
  • Red Flute (snaps Pokémon out of attraction): 500 Steps
  • White Flute (lures wild Pokémon): 1000 Steps
  • Black Flute (keeps away wild Pokémon): 1000 Steps
  • Pretty Chair: 6000 Steps
  • Pretty Desk: 8000 Steps


  • Ether - hidden in a pile in the eastern-most ledge
  • Super Repel - farthest east ledge
  • TM32 (Double Team) - hidden in an ash pile north of Youngster Dillon, it's the pile closest to the town
  • Max Ether - third ledge from the east, north of Parasol Lady Madeline
  • Nugget (Emerald only) - hidden on the first ledge from the east
  • Hyper Potion (Emerald only) - at the edge of the soot by the four dirt patches, to the south near the trees