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New Pokémon
Gold Silver Crystal

Back in Goldenrod City:

Ecruteak City once had two towers, but one burned down in a mysterious fire. There is a story that says the remaining structure, the Tin Tower, is visited by a Legendary Pokémon. You will meet Bill, whose PC storage system you use to keep your Pokémon safe, in Ecruteak.

Ecruteak City
Poké Mart
Poké Ball 200
Great Ball 600
Potion 300
Super Potion 700
Antidote 100
Parlyz Heal 200
Burn Heal 250
Ice Heal 250
Revive 1500

The Time Capsule is fixed[edit]

You'll find Bill waiting for you in Ecruteak City's Pokémon Center, and all the news is good. They've managed to repair the Time Capsule on the second floor, which lets you trade Pokémon between Gold/Silver/Crystal and your old Red/Blue/Yellow games. The machine will be up and running tomorrow (the day after you meet Bill), but there's plenty to do in Ecruteak City in the meantime.

Or you could always follow Bill back to his home in Goldenrod City for a free Eevee! Note that this Eevee will be level 20. This means it will not be able to get any of its evolutions' first elemental moves (Thundershock, Water Gun, or Ember) which are learned at level 16.

So, after getting the Eevee head down to the breeding house, catch a Ditto in the bushes right outside the house. Have both in your party and speak to each of the people inside and leave them with a Pokémon each. They should like each others company and will produce an egg pretty quickly, which you then have to carry around for a while before finally getting your prize!

All three paths connected to this city, West, East and South each have a trainer which will offer their phone number to you. These Trainers will eventually call you with a free Evolution stone! Western path for a Thunderstone, Eastern path for a Waterstone and the Southern path below the city for the Firestone.

The Burned Tower[edit]

Crystal only
In Crystal, you must visit the Burned Tower before you can challenge Morty for the Fog Badge.

They say Ho-Oh left when the tower burned down, but there may still be some Legends about. If you need EXP, you can explore this area, before you challenge the Gym. Make sure you heal your Pokémon before you enter the Burned Tower. Just before you enter the Tower, you will meet up with your Rival, who has a much bigger team of Pokémon to challenge you with.

Tin Tower[edit]

You won't be able to enter the Tin Tower until you have the Fog Badge from Ecruteak's Gym. You also need the Rainbow Wing (or the Clear Bell in Crystal) which you won't get until later on.

The Item Finder[edit]

The man in the small house to the left of the Pokémon Center will give you the classic Item Finder. When you use it (it's a good idea to assign it to Select button) you'll be able to hear from the beeps if there are any hidden items nearby. Try it near the pond in the middle of the city for a Hyper Potion.

Battle at the Dance Hall to acquire Surf HM 03[edit]

Dance Theater

The five Kimono Girls battle with five evolutions of Eevee. If you defeat the five dancers on the Dance Hall stage (each has a different Eevee form), one of the spectators will give you HM 03, Surf, an item you will need to continue your journey. The Kimono Girls are very good Trainers, and their Eevee evolutions are very tough, but you can go heal between fights. It is recommended to complete this task first if you are using a Water Pokémon because Surf is among the best moves they can learn and will make your battles easier from here on out.

Kimono Girl Naoko (Far Left): 1224 Kimono Girl Kuni (2nd from Right): 1224
Kimono Girl Sayo (2nd from Left): 1224 Kimono Girl Miki (Far Right): 1224
Kimono Girl Zuki (Middle): 1224

Johto Side Quests[edit]

Ideally by now you have gone fishing and caught a Poliwag off the Old rod, this will be a really good Pokémon to teach Surf HM 03 to as it can also learn the other main Water HMs.

Now that you have just acquired Surf it's a good time to do some backtracking and pick up a few items and Pokémon that we couldn't get to before. Remember that all of the items in the list below are optional.

  • Route 35: Use Surf to catch a level 15 to 24 Psyduck or 20 to 24 Golduck
  • Route 34: Surf over to the beach to defeat the Elite Trio for item Soft Sand.
  • Ilex Forest: Use Surf to catch a level 10 to 19 Psyduck or 15 to 19 Golduck
  • Union Cave: Use Surf to explore the lowest level of the Cave and catch a Lapras (only on Fridays).
  • Union Cave: Go down the ladder near the trainer and use Surf to access more of the cave, which will lead you to the two other Alph Ruin Puzzles, and a chance to catch a Natu and a Smeargle.
  • Violet City: Use Surf to collect stray items.
  • Cherrygrove City: Use Surf to the south east and collect item Mystic Water.
  • New Bark Town: Use Surf to the East of town then enter Tohjo Falls, Surf inside to the West and find Moonstone.

Gym Battle #4: Morty [edit]

Ecruteak City Gym
Sage Ping (1st): 512
Sage Jeffrey (3rd): 704
Medium Grace (2nd): 800
Medium Martha (4th): 800
Leader Morty: 2300

The Ecruteak City Gym is full of pitfalls that send you back to the beginning. The floor will knock you back to the start unless you follow the path marked in blue to make it to the Gym Trainers and Leader. Stay in line with the Trainers when you're moving horizontally. Of course, then you won't be able to avoid them, but that may be for the best. Many of the Pokémon are using a new attack, Mean Look, which makes it impossible for you to switch your active Pokémon, so try to defeat the Trainers quickly before you're trapped. Morty is a tough opponent, and you need all the practice you can get.

There are a couple of ways to handle this gym. One is to come in with powerful Psychics (since all these Ghosts are part Poison) and try to K.O. them quickly. Kadabra is fast, so a high-level one can do a lot of damage (however, watch out for Gengar's Shadow Ball, which is super-effective against Psychic types). Another is to exploit the Normal-type resistance to Ghost by teaching a straight Normal Pokémon (like Sentret) a non-Normal attack, like Surf or Dig. Most of the Ghosts won't be able to hurt it, except by using Curse, an attack that usually backfires (it costs the user ½ of its HP) and that you can easily get around by swapping out your Pokémon (unless you were hit with Mean Look). Also, Dark-type attacks work great here, so use Pokémon with moves like Bite and Pursuit. You can also use the Machop from before, at level 25 it learns foresight. It looks like a useless move, but it can be useful against ghost pokemon. When you use foresight, the Machop can hit the ghost pokemon with his fighting attacks, which wouldn't work without otherwise.

Beware of Gengar's Dream Eater / Hypnosis combo! It can and will be a difficult fight without Awakening; The most powerful one of the lot seems to be the only user of this deadly tirade, though.

Defeat Morty to claim ownership of the Fog Badge. The Fog Badge allows you to use Surf outside of battle, which is crucial at this stage. You will also earn TM 30, which will teach the move Shadow Ball to one of your Pokémon.

Pokémon found[edit]

Ecruteak City Fishing
Old Rod Good Rod Super Rod
Magikarp 85% 35% 20%
Poliwag 15% 65% 70%
Poliwhirl N/A N/A 10%

#133 Eevee
Eevee has two new evolutions, Espeon and Umbreon, which evolve based on Eevee's "tameness" and whether it's night or day.

So to get all five, you'll need a lot of Eevee. Since they're no longer available in the Celadon City Game Corner, that means breeding it with a Pokémon in the same breeding group or Ditto which are near the Breeding Centre (see the breeding section).

The availability of the three Evolution Stones nearby makes things easy, if you can do the work and hatch an Egg to get a low level Eevee you can go one of three evolution Pokémon effectively. The choice is yours but Jolteon is a good pick, as for those playing Crystal it is one of the first chances at an Electric type and not only that, Jolteon is one of the best with high Special Attack and good Speed.