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Item Description Location
Basement Key Access the base of the MegaMart Goldenrod City
Bike Doubles walking speed Goldenrod City
Card Key Unlock the barrier in the Radio Tower Goldenrod City
Coin Case Holds casino coins used in the Game Corner Goldenrod City
Good Rod Catches some aquatic Pokémon Olivine City
Itemfinder Detects hidden items Ecruteak City
Lost Doll Return to the CopyCat in Saffron City Vermilion City
Machine Part Stolen from the Power Plant Cerulean City
Map Card Shows the Map of Johto or Kanto Route 26
Mystery Egg Wait for it to hatch! Violet City
Old Rod Catches Magikarp (and a few other aquatic Pokémon in Crystal) Route 32
Pass Pass for the Magnet Train Saffron City
Radio Card Johto Radio Stations Goldenrod City
Radio EXP Card Kanto Radio Stations Lavender Town
Rainbow Wing Used to find Ho-Oh in Pokémon Silver Pewter City
Red Scale Trade for EXP. Share with Mr. Pokémon Red Gyarados
Secret Potion Used to heal Ampharos in the Lighthouse Cianwood City
Silver Wing Used to find Lugia in Pokémon Gold Pewter City
Squirtbottle Used to awaken Sudowoodo Goldenrod City
SS Ticket Ticket to the SS Aqua Prof. Elm
Super Rod Catches all aquatic Pokémon Route 12
Unown Dex Lists the varieties of Unown you have caught Ruins of Alph