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Item Description Location
Amulet Coin Doubles earnings from Pokémon battles Goldenrod Underground (see Radio Tower)
Berserk Gene Boosts Attack but causes confusion Cerulean City, where Mewtwo cave was
Black Belt Increase power of Fighting-type attacks Lake of Rage (Wednesday)
Blackglasses Increases the power of Dark-type attacks Dark Cave
Bright Powder Lowers the opponent's accuracy Traded (RBY) Legendary
Charcoal Increases the power of Fire-type attacks Azalea Town
Cleanse Tag Repels wild Pokémon Route 5
Dragon Fang No effect due to a coding error Dragon's Den
Dragon Scale Evolves Seadra during trading/Increases the power of Dragon-type moves Mt. Mortar
Everstone Prevents a Pokémon from evolving Bug Catching Contest/Professor Elm
Exp. Share Receives experience from uninvolved battles Mr. Pokémon
Focus Band Prevents a Pokémon from fainting occasionally Fighting Dojo
Hard Stone Increase power of Rock-type attacks Route 36 (Thursday)
King's Rock Evolves Poliwhirl/Slowpoke during trading/May cause flinching Slowpoke Well
Leftovers Recovers HP gradually during battle Caught with Snorlax
Light Ball Doubles Pikachu's Special Attack Held by Yellow's Partner Pokémon
Lucky Egg Boosts experience yield Held by wild Chansey
Lucky Punch Ups critical hit ratio of Chansey Held by Generation I Chansey
Magnet Increases the power of Electric-type attacks Route 37 (Sunday)
Metal Coat Increases the power of Steel-type attacks S.S. Aqua
Metal Powder Raises Defense and Special Defense of Ditto Held by Generation I Ditto
Miracle Seed Increases the power of Grass-type attacks Man at Route 32 after beating Gym
Mystic Water Increases the power of Water-type attacks Cherrygrove City
Nevermeltice Increases the power of Ice-type attacks Ice Cave
Pink Bow Powers up normal-type moves Route 29 (Tuesday) and Radio Tower
Poison Barb Increases power of Poison-type attacks Route 32 (Friday)
Polkadot Bow Powers up normal-type moves Mystery Gift
Quick Claw Increases chance of attacking first National Park
Scope Lens Boosts critical hit ratio Mystery Gift
Sharp Beak Increases power of Flying-type attacks Route 40 (Monday)
Silver Powder Increases power of Bug-type attacks Held by wild Butterfree
Smoke Ball Escape from wild Pokémon Goldenrod Underground
Soft Sand Increases the power of Ground-type attacks Route 34
Spell Tag Increases the power of Ghost-type attacks Blackthorn City (Saturday)
Stick Boosts critical hit of Farfetch'd Held by wild Farfetch'd
Twisted Spoon Increases the power of Psychic-type attacks Held by Yellow Kadabra
Thick Club Doubles the attack if held by Cubone or Marowak Held by wild Cubone and Marowak