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TM Ability How to obtain Price
01 Dynamicpunch Beat Cianwood Gym Free
02 Headbutt Ilex Forest/ Goldenrod Dept. Store Free/2000
03 Curse Behind Celadon Mansion at night Free
04 Rollout Route 35 Free
05 Roar Route 32 Needs Cut
06 Toxic Fuscia Gym Beat Jasmine
07 Zap Cannon Power Plant Getting back Machine Part
08 Rock Smash Found on Route 36, after getting rid of tree. Purchase-able at Goldenrod Dept. Store. Free when found. 1000 at store.
09 Psych Up Trade an Abra or Kadabra from Generation I Free
10 Hidden Power Lake of Rage :House in Maze Free
11 Sunny Day Radio Tower Free
12 Sweet Scent Ilex Forest: Exit near Goldenrod Free
13 Snore Route 39 7 Berries given to milktank
14 Blizzard Game Corner 5500 Coins (110000)
15 Hyper Beam Celadon Game Corner 7500 Coins
16 Icy Wind Beat Mahogany Gym Free
17 Protect Celadon Department Store 3000
18 Rain Dance Slowpoke Well, With Surf and Strength Free
19 Giga Drain Beat Celadon Gym Free
20 Endure Burned Tower Free
21 Frustration Goldenrod Dept. Store Show lady a bad Pokémon on Sunday
22 Solarbeam Route 27 Free
23 Iron Tail Beat Olivine Gym Free
24 Dragonbreath Dragon's Den Free
25 Thunder Game Corner 5500 Coins (110000)
26 Earthquake Victory Road Free
27 Return Goldenrod Dept. Store Show lady happy Pokémon on Sunday
28 Dig National Park Free
29 Psychic Mr Psychic's House (Saffron), Celadon Game Corner Free, 3500 Coins
30 Shadow Ball Beat Ecruteak's Gym Free
31 Mud-Slap Beat Violet Gym Free
32 Double Team Celadon Game Corner 3500 Coins
33 Ice Punch Goldenrod Dept Store 3000
34 Swagger Lighthouse - F5 Free
35 Sleep Talk Goldenrod Underground, see Radio Tower Free
36 Sludge Bomb Route 43 Free from guard after rockets left
37 Sandstorm Route 27 Loyal Pokémon
38 Fire Blast Game Corner 5500 Coins (110000)
39 Swift Union Cave, down Ladder Free
40 Defense Curl Mt. Mortar Free
41 Thunderpunch Goldenrod Dept Store 3000
42 Dream Eater Viridian City (Speak to the man on the island blocked off by cut(same place as in RBY)) Free
43 Detect Lake of Rage: Maze Free
44 Rest Ice Cave, Level 3 (again) Free
45 Attract Beat Goldenrod Gym Free
46 Thief Rocket Hideout (Mahogany) Free
47 Steel Wing Rock Tunnel and Mt. Silver Free
48 Fire Punch Goldenrod Dept Store 3000
49 Fury Cutter Beat Azelea Gym Free
50 Nightmare Route 31, by the sleeping man complete the mission given by the sentryman between the park and Goldenrod.