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Head directly to the Gym to find the suspicious man who has run off with the Power Plant's part. The Gym Leader isn't in the Gym, but that's OK—you have other business to attend to before you battle with her.

Poké Mart
Great Ball 600
Ultra Ball 1200
Full Heal 600
Super Potion 700
Dire Hit 650
Super Repel 500
Surf Mail 50
X Attack 550
X Defend 550

City features[edit]

Apprehend the thief[edit]

The thief is hiding from the law in the Gym, and he'll run for it when you come to visit. Fortunately, the man outside saw which way he ran: north towards Route 24. Catch him on the bridge, defeat his lone Pokémon, and he'll fess up. He stashed the Machine Part in the Gym, and you'll find it by searching above the square of water in the center.

Return the stolen part[edit]

When you return the part to the Power Plant, you'll be rewarded with TM 07 (Zap Cannon). And when that's all over, you'll be able to recover the Copycat Girl's Clefairy Doll, which you can return to get the Pass which lets you ride the train from Saffron City to Goldenrod City at any point, and pick up the Expansion Card in Lavender Town. You can use that card to wake up Snorlax (see Route 11 for more details).

Something in the water[edit]

A kid near the upper left corner of the city is reporting a ping from his Item Finder, but he didn't follow it up. Head into the water and use your own Item Finder: You'll find the Berserk Gene which, when held, raises the Pokémon's Attack, but also Confuses it.

Find Misty and her mystery date[edit]

Once you've returned the Machine Part, you can come back to Cerulean and hunt down Misty. She's shirking Gym duty... to go on a date? You'll need to find your way through Routes 24 & 25, but you'll find her and her mystery man at the end. When the guy dashes off, Misty will return to her post at the Gym.

Cerulean City Gym[edit]

Misty prefers Water-type Pokémon, but some of her creatures have dual-types like Water and Ice, or Water and Psychic. You have plenty of ways to deal with Water Pokémon by now. You can electrocute them, Grass them, or better yet, both. You'll definitely want a Grass-type (or a Flying-type) to deal with Misty's pesky, Electric-resistant Quagsire. The Starmie can heal itself, so save a strong Pokémon to finish it off quickly.


  • Swimmer♂ Parker
  • Swimmer♀ Briana
  • Swimmer♀ Diana
    • Golduck (lvl. 37, 1378 EXP) and 740


  • Leader Misty
Cerulean City Surfing
Goldeen 90%
Seaking 10%
Cerulean City Fishing
Old Rod Good Rod Super Rod
Magikarp 85% 35% N/A
Krabby 15% 55% 60%
Corsola N/A 10%* 30%*
Staryu N/A 10%* 30%*
Kingler N/A N/A 10%

*Corsola can only be found in the morning and daytime, while Staryu can only be found at night.