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After the Pokémon logo will vanish, you will start a new game. You'll see a man, he will introduce himself as Professor Elm, the Pokémon Professor of the Johto region. He will ask for the time. It is recommended to give accurate time so that time-based events will occur properly.


These are the controls for Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Control Action
Neutral dpad Move character
A button Select/Talk to people
B button Exit out of a menu
Start button Menu
Select button Use registered item

Your Name[edit]

Your name is one thing you have to choose. You may pick your real name, a pre-made name, or invent a cool name of your own. Words are, naturally, written with letters. Letters get picked using the Neutral dpad for navigation and A button for selection. Press Select button for different sets of letters. Pressing Start button will cause the marker to jump to the "Finished" button.

Your Starter Pokémon[edit]

You get to pick the starter in a later stage of the game, but you should start thinking about who you'd like to pick. Generally, for beginners, Cyndaquil is considered the best.

With only about 9 Fire-Type Pokémon in the whole game, Cyndaquil will make an excellent choice. Fire-Types has the best stats for attack. Their Attack and Special Attack are on most cases, the highest. Cyndaquil will work well on the Bug-Type Gym, the Steel-Type Gym and the Ice-Type Gym.
Chikorita is a good choice for those who want a challenge. Chikorita's stats aren't brilliant, and won't get much better as it evolves. Even though Grass-Type moves are generally awesome, this Pokémon isn't very recommended for beginners. Chikorita will not have a type advantage over any of the 8 gyms of Johto.
Totodile, another great Pokémon. Totodile is unique in that he is one of the only aggressive Water-Type Pokémon in any game. This could be both a good thing, and a bad thing. Water types are generally good with Defense and Special Defense, but this little guy is actually better in Special Attack. So if you want a defensive Pokémon, Chikorita will be a better choice. Totodile will possibly work well on the Dragon-Type gym where he can learn Ice-Type moves.