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The Elite Four battle is misleading—you actually have to battle five excellent Trainers with very strong Pokémon. You can't stop at a Pokémon Center between battles, so you'd better bring some HP-restoring products, some Revives and other important items with you.

The time has come! The rules for Indigo Plateau haven't changed: You have to do all five fights in a row, and you won't be able to get to a Pokémon Center in between. Consider spending all of your money at the Poké Mart first, so if you lose, you can keep the EXP but not suffer a cash penalty. Your party should have at least one good Fire, Electric, and Psychic Pokémon. Most of all, it needs a high level Ice Pokémon, and Lapras is the best. Fighting-types are nice, but it's those four types that will win this war.

Prepare for battle[edit]

Every one of the Trainers is using Level-40 to Level-50 Pokémon, and they aren't exactly pushovers. Your Pokémon should be in that same ballpark, or higher, or you'll really be in for a thrashing. A good team will have six different types of Pokémon and would do well if it included a powerful Electric-type, a strong Ice-type and a seasoned Fire-type. Round out the rest of the team with Psychic-, Fighting- and Rock-type Pokémon. Pick your team carefully, studying the recommendations for each member of the Elite Four. Use Pokémon that you are comfortable with, and be sure to heal them with items between matches. The battles are not easy, and if you lose to one Trainer, you'll have to start all over again!

Suggested teams (based on your starter):



Will, the master of Psychic Pokémon.

Elite Four Will[edit]

All of Will's Pokémon are part Psychic, but a good way to go is Electric. A good Electric Pokémon can fry Slowbro and the two Xatu in one shot each, and Fire works great on the others. Beating Will is all in using the right type at the right time.

  • Xatu (lvl. 40, 1465 EXP) Moves: Quick Attack, Future Sight, Psychic, Confuse Ray
  • Exeggutor (lvl. 41, 1861 EXP) Moves: Psychic, Egg Bomb, Leech Seed, Reflect
  • Jynx (lvl. 41, 1203 EXP) Moves: Ice Punch, Double Slap, Psychic, Lovely Kiss
  • Slowbro (lvl. 41, 1440 EXP) Moves: Psychic, Body Slam, Curse, Amnesia
  • Xatu (lvl. 42, 1539 EXP) Moves: Psychic, Quick Attack, Future Sight, Confuse Ray
Will's team are all dual types that include Psychic-type. If you attack each Pokémon's other type's weakness, you should have no problems. For example, attack Xatu with an Electric-type, because Flying-types are weak against them. A very powerful Psychic- or Dark-type Pokémon, Level 55 or higher, could be used to combat the entire team on its Psychic-type.

Afterwards, heal up, and re-organize your Pokémon so that you have a Fire- or Psychic-type Pokémon leading

Koga 02.png

Elite Four Koga[edit]

Fire continues to be great, roasting Koga's first three Pokémon. A nice Psychic like Alakazam or Espeon can make equally short work of Poison-type Muk, Venomoth, and Crobat. You should still be coasting on type matching at this point.

  • Ariados (lvl. 40, 1147 EXP) Moves: Spider Web, Double Team, Baton Pass, Giga Drain
  • Venomoth (lvl. 41, 1212 EXP) Moves: Gust, Supersonic, Toxic, Psychic
  • Forretress (lvl. 43, 1086 EXP) Moves: Spikes, Swift, Protect, Explosion
  • Muk (lvl. 42, 1413 EXP) Moves: Sludge Bomb, Minimize, Toxic, Acid Armour
  • Crobat (lvl. 44, 1923 EXP) Moves: Wing Attack, Double Team, Toxic, Quick Attack
Koga uses Bug-types and Poison-types, and with his first moves he'll try to poison your Pokémon. He'll also try to confuse your Pokémon, leaving them somewhat helpless. Take him out as quickly as you can with your Psychic-types and your Fire-types. The longer the battle goes on, the less likely it is that you'll emerge victorious. However, if you have saved everything Mom gave you or if you have many Full Heals, then you'll be fine as long as they last.

Afterwards, be sure to lead with a Psychic or Flying type.


Elite Four Bruno[edit]

If your Psychic got wounded in the last round, heal it up before you go against Bruno, since it's the key Pokémon against four of Bruno's five fighters. Give your Ice Pokémon (preferably Water/Ice Lapras) a warm-up with the Onix.

Episode 95(E): An Epic Bout (5:24)
Beating Bruno
  • Hitmontop (lvl. 42, 1242 EXP) Moves: Quick Attack, Dig, Detect, Pursuit
  • Hitmonchan (lvl. 42, 1260 EXP) Moves: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Mach Punch
  • Hitmonlee (lvl. 42, 1251 EXP) Moves: Double Kick, Foresight, Hi Jump Kick, Swagger
  • Machamp (lvl. 46, 1902 EXP) Moves: Rock Slide, Foresight, Cross Chop, Vital Throw
  • Onix (lvl. 43, 994 EXP) Moves: Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Bind
Unlike Koga, Bruno won't try to mess with your Pokémon's status. Instead, he will use Pokémon that strike hard and fast, hoping to knock your team out quickly and painfully. If you have a fast Psychic-type, use it to put the hurt on most of Bruno's team. Use a Water-type on Onix, the only non-Fighting-type in Bruno's team.

Once beaten, be sure to place a Fighting-type as your lead.

GSC Karen.gif

Elite Four Karen[edit]

Many of Karen's Pokémon can be tricky to counter-type. Vileplume and Murkrow will go down with Fire and Electric respectively, and any part-Normal Pokémon is great for Gengar. Darks are tougher; they're vulnerable only to Fighting and Bug.

  • Umbreon (lvl. 42, 1773 EXP) Moves: Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Sand Attack
  • Vileplume (lvl. 42, 1656 EXP) Moves: Stun Spore, Acid, Petal Dance, Moonlight
  • Gengar (lvl. 45, 1831 EXP) Moves: Lick, Spite, Curse, Destiny Bond
  • Murkrow (lvl. 44, 1008 EXP) Moves: Faint Attack, Whirlwind, Pursuit, Quick Attack
  • Houndoom (lvl. 47, 2053 EXP) Moves: Crunch, Flame Thrower, Roar, Pursuit
Karen, the last of the Elite Four, uses Dark-type Pokémon in battle. Her Pokémon are particularly weak against Fighting-type, but Water-types and Electric-types will also work against her dual-type Dark Pokémon. Karen's other Pokémon share the Poison-type and will be easily dispatched with a Psychic- or Ground-type.

Once finished, place an electric into the lead because Lance's first Pokémon is a gyarados.


Champion Lance[edit]

These Pokémon are tough! Here's where the high-level Lapras (or Jynx, Dewgong or Cloyster) comes in. It gets to deal with all three of the Dragonite, and if it has a good Water attack, it can do wonders against Charizard and Aerodactyl too. As for other types, you'll want to switch to Electric for Gyarados and maybe Charizard, but other Pokémon are most useful for stalling while you heal your Ice-type attacker.

Episode 97(E): Old Meets New (7:57)
Beating Lance
  • Gyarados (lvl. 44, 2017 EXP) Moves: Rain Dance, Surf, Flail, Hyper Beam
  • Dragonite (lvl. 47, 2194 EXP) Moves; Twister, Thunderwave, Hyper Beam, Blizzard
  • Dragonite (lvl. 47, 2194 EXP) Moves: Twister, Thunderwave, Thunder, Hyper Beam
  • Dragonite (lvl. 50, 2335 EXP) Moves: Safegaurd, Outrage, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam
  • Charizard (lvl. 46, 2059 EXP) Moves: Flame Thrower, Slash, Wing Attack, Hyper Beam
  • Aerodactyl (lvl. 46, 1990 EXP) Moves: Rock Slide, Ancient Power, Wing Attack, Hyper Beam
Yes, it's the same Lance from the Lake of Rage. He's grateful for your help, but he's also the Champion, so you have to beat his team of mostly Dragon-types. His team is united in its Flying-type, so an Electric-type will deal damage to every member of the team. Dragon-types are weak against Ice-types, so a powerful Ice-type Pokémon should also be in your party.

After defeating the Elite Four and Lance, the end credits roll. However, your journey is not over yet, you still have 8 more badges to get...

Rival (before you defeat the Elite Four)[edit]