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Balls are items (but they have their own pocket in the bag) that you can catch Pokémon with. They are very vital to the game, because you will need it to catch Pokémon for your journey. It starts with Poké Ball, to Master Balls, which are very rare and will always catch any Pokémon.

Your first ball will be when you go back to Elm's Lab, (after seeing your rival) where his lowest assistant will walk over to you (like he did when you got a potion from him) and give you a Poké Ball. Once you receive the last gym battle (beating Clair and getting the badge in the cave), Professor Elm will call you over the PokéGear and tell you he has something for you. Fly over to his lab to receive a Master Ball.

Poké Ball List[edit]

Normal Poké Balls[edit]

Name Description Catch Rate Buy Price Sell Price
Poké Ball The regular and most common Ball. 1 x 200 100
Great Ball This Ball is better than the regular Ball, and can catch Pokémon better. 1.5 x 600 300
Park Ball This Ball is given to you on the National Park event. 1.5 x -- --
Ultra Ball This Ball is the best general Ball available on the store. 2 x 1200 600
Master Ball The ultimate Ball. Will catch any Pokémon without failing. 255 x -- 0

Special Balls[edit]

Name Effect Catch Rate Obtained From Sell Price
Level Ball Catch rate increases with the level ratio between your Pokémon and the opponent's If your level is higher than opponent's: 2x

If your level is 2 times or more than your opponent's: 4x
If your level is 4 times or more than your opponent's: 8x

Red Apricorn 500
Lure Ball Works better if the Pokémon was hooked using a rod. 3x if Pokémon was hooked using a rod. Blue Apricorn
Moon Ball Works better if the Pokémon can evolve using a Moon Stone. Intended to be 4x if the Pokémon can evolve using a Moon Stone, but a glitch causes the effect to be active on Pokémon that evolve with a Burn Heal instead(which doesnt exist in the games) so its always 1x. Yellow Apricorn
Friend Ball A Pokémon captured with this Ball will have a happiness value of 200. 1x Green Apricorn
Fast Ball Works well if the Pokémon can flee.

List of Pokémon who flee: Abra, Natu, Magnemite, Grimer, Tangela, Mr. Mime, Eevee, Porygon, Dratini, Dragonair, Entei, Suicune and Raikou.

4x if the Pokémon is a Magnemite, Grimer or Tangela. A glitch prevents the ball from working on any other Pokémon on the list. White Apricorn
Heavy Ball The heavier the Pokémon, the higher the catch rate If the Pokémon weight is:
  • Between 100-200kg: Normal.
  • Between 200-300kg: +20 to catch rate.
  • Over 300kg: +30.
  • Lower than 100: -10.
Black Apricorn
Love Ball Higher catch rate if your Pokémon and the wild Pokémon are opposite in genders. Intended to be 8x if the Pokémon are the same species and opposite genders, but due to a glitch it is instead 8x if the Pokémon are the same species and same gender. Pink Apricorn